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The tricky client expecting implementer on site for all the time.

By dilipj ·
It's really frustrating for me to mention that I spend more than eight months to implement a mid size application for attendance processing.

The client is a govt. organisation with the staff just talking big big things. When it comes to action they will nominate some person and their responsibility is over.They will not hear to consultant at all.

Still I trained no of people for several times. Even I performed Data entry to speed up the work. No knowledgeable person from IT got involved in implementation. I had to train the user (Non-IT fellow) in Informix 4gl even. For more than couple of times I got clearance letter that no doubts are pending. No acceptance letter as no one is ready to sign.

My visiting reports are never seen by any of the managers with remark that 'I don't want to see any report. I want my people to say that they can work with the application.' I also made arrangements that client should inform me the problems (If any) by telephone or mail and I will send the solution by email which he should just compile and run. Still he want me to present on-site for months together, till their people are confidant.

Now this is becoming very expensive for me as I am working on a fix rate contract. Ultimately I stopped going to client and switched off my mobile because I see that it is not going to happen the way it is going on.

I know there must be a problem at client side. Have I done the correct thing?

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