The Twelve Days of Christmas...

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Yup. It's that time. Keep the story going! (Hint: TR Members live in TR Village. They don't have to travel from anywhere.)

TR Village had been quiet lately. No doubt due to the vagaries of weather. It had been snowing off and on for days. Secretly, boxy was in heaven. A white Christmas was at hand. Chatting in her shop with a very few villagers, discussion turned to the Christmas party planned for the evening. TR Village Hall had been ablaze with twinkling strands of light for a week. Sherriff Cavadias had been strolling her beat with a secretive grin.

The Village bells rang out, followed by an announcement over the loudspeakers. The party was on! boxy peeked out her shop door to see shopkeepers closing up right and left, scurrying to complete preparation for the evening festivities. At that, she turned the sign to read 'Closed', gathered her cold weather gear, locked the door on her way out. She had things to do, too!

Cookies and rum cake to bake. A stop at Scummy's Yummies for a collection of holiday goodies to wrap and pass out this evening. Wine for mulling from JD's Liquor. He'd ordered something special at her request. A stop at GG's Gadgets for a quick lunch with her, TiggerTwo, and Shellbot to finalize their plans for a surprise that evening.

And of course, some cinnamon raisin bread for the local welder.

As she headed to GG's with a grin, snow began to fall. Big, wet, perfect for a snowball fight flakes. Her step brightened, she stuck out her tongue to catch the falling flakes, nostalgic with childhood Christmas memories.

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I LOVE surprises!

by Sonja Thompson Staff In reply to The Twelve Days of Christ ...

Party planning wasn't Sonja's expertise, but she found herself busier than ever this holiday season. Of course, the rest of the TR editorial staff were happy to help, so Sonja delegated some of her tasks, checking them off of her "To Do" list:

"Mary and Selena are taking care of all the decorations... check."

"Bill is getting a Santa suit.... check."

"Toni is rummaging through her desk drawers for a little something to spike the punch... check."

"Mark is setting up the stage for the laser light show... check."

"And Jason is busy wrapping presents... check."

Sonja leaned back in her ergonomic chair and decided that a quick nap wouldn't be a bad idea. After all, it was going to be a long, festive night!

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OM had just been released from ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to The Twelve Days of Christ ...

The nearby Correctional Facility having served his time after being imprisoned after last year's TR Village party. Despite his most strenuous pleas of innocence, somehow these American Courts just didn't understand that being Scottish was sufficient excuse for his inordinately high blood-alcohol level when he had been arrested.

He strode gleefully out into the snowy winter wonderland, contemplating the coming night's festivities and tried to get his bearings.

He wondered whether he might be back in a cell before too long.

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Jacky and Ropes

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to OM had just been released ...

met OM as he left the facility. Taking his arms, they drug him into town.

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and went straight

by Jacky Howe In reply to Jacky and Ropes

to the nearest Pub to quench OM's thirst.

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While Col was sweating his heart out

by OH Smeg In reply to The Twelve Days of Christ ...

in 35C + temps with 65% Humidity and wondering what all this talk of Snow as about. He's thinking of having those claiming that there will be a White Christmas this year locked away for their own good.

But as he's on call from the 23 onward he just knew that again this year he would miss the start of the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race and that by the time he got to watch what he had recorded the race would have been well and truly finished and he wouldn't be interested in watching the start. Yet again.

But he's sending a message to Neil's Translations Service to make sure that this year he is on the mailing list for the Hidden Web Cam Streams to watch all the other TR Members get caught out doing things they will refuse to admit to.

GG Gadget shop is Positively Tame in comparison to what he's been told Boxy gets up to.


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Col was feverish.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to While Col was sweating hi ...

Villagers were worried about him. He'd been fighting a nasty virus for too long now. boxy thought, "While I'm baking today, I'll just brew up some lovely chicken soup."

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Nostalgic, until...

by santeewelding In reply to The Twelve Days of Christ ...

The big, fluffy snowball, laughingly aimed, caught her from behind, knocking off her cap.

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Nostalgic, until...

she whirled to see who had dared. "You, you...", she sputtered. Stooping, she gathered hands full of snow, quickly and expertly shaping her own snowball. Taking a running start, she threw it at santee all the while shouting, "Snowball fight! Snowball fight!"

Slipping, and falling on the snow-slick ground, ROFLMAO took on new meaning.

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Then after Boxy had run out of snow to make snowballs with

by OH Smeg In reply to Startled,

She went straight to the local Police Station and swore out a complaint of Assault against Santee.

After she was finished with the Police she went straight to her Lower and started civil proceedings against Santee for ruining her Cap by throwing a Snowball at her.

With the sure outcome of a Multi Million $ settlement against Santee, Boxy had a Very Merry Christmas that year and ended up with OM in jail for her bad behavior while under the influence of the advice given her by the lawyer. It took the Police 3 hours to empty her pockets that where full of Gadgets from GG's store and all the while Boxy was munching on the Green Specked Cookies that the had bought at the Scummy Ones Store. She is still wondering why they are called Grass Cookies and why she needed a Prescription that the Scummy One wrote out to buy them. ;0


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boxy decided

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Then after Boxy had run o ...

that more than chicken soup was called for. :^0

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