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The Ubuntu Experience

By the_webninja ·
I know, maybe I'm kind of a late bloomer with this, but I just wanted to post my experience with Ubuntu here in case there was someone else out there who might be considering switching to Linux.

First of all I would like to THANK everyone who worked on Ubuntu, for everything you did Thanks, I DO appreciate it.

I tried Ubuntu because I bought a Brand New 200GB Hard Drive, and after Windows XP Crashed three different times installing Drivers for First an ATI Video Card, then an Audigy Sound Card, and Finally Windows would no longer install on my Brand New Hard Drive because it could not install one particular file, then when I pressed SKIP FILE it found another one it couldn't install, then another. Finally I figured it was a Virus and Gave up.

Installing Ubuntu wasn't as easy as everyone says. it took me Three tries to finally get the ISO file to Burn Correctly to the CD. But once I finally got Ubuntu to install, everything got better from there.

Going into this Project I expected it was going to be more Command line intensive than it was. Ubuntu is totally cool. It is a fully GUI Program, looks almost just like Windows, once you play around with the Appearance Settings, and there are some people out there who have XP Look a like Downloads for Linux, but I don't know if that's such a good idea, so I didn't try that. But I DID spend some time and downloaded every plug-in and application I could find that would run on Linux, and after about 6 hours of playing with it, I am really happy. I have everything that my Windows System had. I have Anti-virus Program, I have Media Players, I have Image manipulation Programs, Image Viewers with Slide Show Capabilities, I Changed my Desktop to a Girl wearing a Bikini and Everything! :)

It is not as complicated as I thought it was going to be. It is very much like Windows in fact. I like it so far, and in the past 6 hours I really put it to the Test, I downloaded an Open Office Program and typed up some Doc Files, I looked at Adobe PDF files, I Looked at all kinds of Jpg, Tga, and Png files, I listened to a couple of different Sound files and really tried to do everything that I did with Windows. And I even got Automatic updates just like Windows too. So if you are thinking about Switching to Linux, I would say don't be afraid, just do it!

I hope this will inspire more people to make more Software for Ubuntu, cause Ubuntu is really a cool Operating System. It is a lot faster than Vista, that's for sure! :)

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glad it was a positive experience

by jck In reply to The Ubuntu Experience

i got into *ubuntu a few years ago. It is definitely not the Linux I was messing around with in the early- and mid-1990s.

I have Kubuntu on 1 dedicated PC, in multiboot on 4, and have Musix Linux on another PC.

It is really nice, easy to use, and you can get just about anything for Linux now that you get for Windows....

except...Shadowbane (a game I like) :^0

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Wow, I expected

by The Scummy One In reply to The Ubuntu Experience

that you would have been away from MS for some years now.

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not me for sure

by jck In reply to Wow, I expected

I have been stuck in MS Windows programming land for 15 years...just got out of that for my job.

I'm still writing .NET 2003 to make apps, but as soon as I'm done with the software I'll move to doing the webapp side in Java/JS/XML/AJAX.

weeeeeeeeee... lol :^0

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by dcolbert Contributor In reply to The Ubuntu Experience

The Win32 install disk that you were having trouble with...

Retail, OEM or... um... "DRM free"?

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DRM Free

by dcolbert Contributor In reply to Question

I have a suspicion. I've seen this before.

The issue the OP describes with needing to (S)kip multiple unreadable file during installation almost exclusively manifests itself on pirated copies of Win32.

A genuine license and original disk almost always clears the problem, although it can occasionally be caused by trying to install on an older machine with outdated firmware on the optical drive.

Kind of unfair to blame Windows because it outwitted your attempt to steal it, isn't it?

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sounds like...

by DHCDBD In reply to DRM Free

the cd died. They do this after a while; become scratched, foil torn, ect. The OP never gave a reason that the files failed to install; should you assume pirated copy? To assume makes an A$$ out of U and ME, especially when you have no data with which to form your theory.

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Oddly enough...

by dcolbert Contributor In reply to sounds like...

Your assumption, that I am "assuming", only makes an ass out of you, in this case.

I'm not assuming. I'm basing this on a great deal of Win32 experience. The issue described is well know to Win32 experts as a very good sign of a pirated copy of win32. The incidence of this issue being related to pirated copies of Win32 is so great that many Win32 and OEM forums will refuse to address any questions related to this issue.

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You mean

by DHCDBD In reply to Oddly enough...

That one copy of OEM XP pro I have that has multiple unreadable files is pirated based on your experience.

The first part of assume would fit you well because the disk is broken; the polycarbonate of the CD cracked when I removed it from the case.

Gee, thats funny, I have any anytime upgrade for Vista from Dell that is in the same condition. Come to think of it, I have two or three other "Purchased" CD/DVD's for other programs that has happened to as well.

What about the disks I have that were damaged by storing in a wallet in an attempt to stop the cracking? In this case, the foil on the tops was scratched.

I can send you pictures!

Now I just make iso's of new disks.

That is why I referenced a donkey. Mr. Murphy and all. Does the truth contradict your experience and narrow mindedness.

While I will not provide a product key, I am not blinded by the fact that damage does happen. In short, I am not prejudiced, unlike you. You need to have information, before you can make an informed decision. In your case it appears as if you are in a "GIGO" loop. In the instant case of the OP, he never gave a reason for "Multiple unreadable files," you just got your exercise by jumping to a conclusion based no information. Carried to extremes, in a similar fashion to your thought process, any car that needs repair must be stolen.

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Glad ya got it going.

by DHCDBD In reply to The Ubuntu Experience

Hopefully you will not have problems in the future.

For myself, I have been using 8.04 for a while, before that 7.1 on back. It sounds like you are using 8.1. I had to give up 8.1 because I could not get my development libraries to run correctly and I am stuck, for the time being, with 8.04. The reason being that I partitioned the boot sector as a primary 100 mb partition with all the other partitions inside of an extended partition that I can not resize to make room for a larger boot partition that is required to either upgrade to 8.1 or to install the 2.6.28 kernel.

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1 Week later,...

by the_webninja In reply to The Ubuntu Experience

I've been having a great time exploring Ubuntu this past week. It has really been an eye opening experience. For those who are Skeptics and Critics, the Problem originated with a Certified Hologram Copy of XP. An OEM Version. This happens to be the SECOND time a Brand New Version of Xp failed to install on one of the Systems I built. The last time the Distributor just claimed it was a "Bad Disk".

I am not interested in Solving the Problem of installing that Copy of Windows, because I have come to a revelation of sorts in my experience with Ubuntu.

I have realized that Linux is actually going to be the Future of Personal Computer Operating Systems, and it might very well become THE Operating System of the Future.

Because Linux is an Open Source Operating System. Windows is Compiled. What that means is, in the long run Linux is going to be able to offer the user far more Flexibility than Windows ever could. That means the user will be able to Customize their System in much greater Detail with Linux, than with Windows. And I am already seeing many Linux based Applications that are being designed to run Windows Based Programs.

The Weak areas I have experienced with Ubuntu is I am having Problems getting a Good Anti-Virus Program installed and Working Properly. Avast has what appears to be a good Anti-Virus Program for Linux, but it does not function correctly on my System.
AVG has one, but it has Conflicts if you accidently download a Workstation version you can't just uninstall it and download the right version. You are basically screwed. Cause the New Version will not install unless you uninstall the old Version, and that is pretty much impossible because the Add/Remove will not allow you to remove AVG Workstation. So I am still dealing with the problem of no working Anti-Virus Program.

I was kind of Surprised that the list of Programs you can download for Ubuntu did not include any Anti-virus programs in the List! They have Hundreds of other Utilities you can download, but no Anti-Virus Programs?

Secondly I guess they haven't fired the Rocket Scientists at ATI/AMD yet, cause they are still creating problems for the World instead of Solutions. The Windows Drivers for my ATI 9250 Video Card is what screwed up my Installation for Windows in the First place. (Don't ask me how, cause if I knew I could have fixed it), but I DO know that everything was working fine until I installed the Drivers for my Video Card then everything went downhill from there. So the Blame is firmly resting on ATI's Shoulders.
Specifically the Software Engineer who Designed the Drivers for the 9250 Card.

Then when I downloaded the LINUX Drivers for the exact same Video Card, it screwed up my Graphics Configurations in Linux so I get an Error now every time I boot. If I select "Boot in Low Graphics Mode" it will Boot. If I try to reconfigure the Graphics it just cycles around to the same error Prompt asking if I want to boot in Low Graphics mode again.
Genius! Sheer F-kn Genius!
That's all I gotta say for ATI Software Engineers.
They are the ONLY ones who have been Screwing up my Boot Process for the past couple years I have been Buying ATI Video Cards. But I think I have slowly (after many headaches and psychological torture) Learned my Lesson NOT to Buy ATI! That's my new Slogan DON'T BUY ATI! DON'T BUY ATI!
I'm Gonna Paint a Sign and March around in Front of AMD Pretty soon. :) IDIOTS!

I'm gonna shove that Catalyst Control Center right up your-__! :)

So ATI is putting a little Dent in my Ubuntu Experience, and I am not able to get an Anti-Virus Program to work on it yet. But aside from that, I am having Fun Customizing my windows (In Ubuntu) I'm using the Black Steel with Neon Blacklighting around the edge- It looks so Cool! :)

The Internet connects very easily no configuration Problems like you get with Windows. The List of Downloads includes Hundreds of Dollars worth of Software you get for FREE. Cool Stuff like CAD, Html Editors, Openoffice, other Word like Programs as well as Text Editors that do Scripting and stuff. Educational Programs for All ages, and TONS of Games! All kinds of Games. Media Players, DVD Players and Burners, streaming Software, Instant messaging Software for AOL, Yahoo, and even a Program that will Run MSN IM! Virtual machine Programs, so what I am trying to say is you can do anything you do with Windows with Ubuntu. As far as I can see. There is a few tweaks that have to be done to it. But Ubuntu is breathing down Windows Neck so Close it's not even Funny!

And once everyone sees how much can be done with a Resource Based Concept like Linux, who knows, maybe they might consider adopting a Resource Based Economy? :)

I believe that as soon as the People who are working on Ubuntu develop an Easier way to install Ubuntu, and perfect the problems just a little more, Ubuntu (if not a Newer Improved Version of Linux) is going to Sweep the World like a Storm, and leave Windows in the Dust. Simply because there will come a time when everyone realizes the Flexibility of Ubuntu and or Linux, and Realizes you can DO MORE with an Opensource Operating System, than you can with a Program like Windows that is Compiled and Limited not to mention Expensive. Especially when you have to Buy everything for Windows, CAD, Visual Basic, Office, on and On, You get all the goodies FREE with Ubuntu!

So I for one am going to start Scrounging around putting together these old Computers from the Swap Meet, and Installing Ubuntu on them and selling them Cheap just to Promote Ubuntu. I have to do MY Part for the Project ya Know? :)

Thanks to everyone who works on the Linux Projects. I appreciate everything you do.

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