The Ultimate Programming Langauge

By adeyemi.opeoluwa ·
I am indeed puzzled by the myriad of programming languages we have before us in the 21st century, are we all confused? Or are we really looking for a better way to get results or just touting our products as being the best alternative to another.

I was just mastering C++, then came Java and then the improvements to Java in its various editions.
Then came Microsoft with Power builder, VB .... C#,j# and now F#.

Python, perl, Delhpi, PhP Ajax.., in fact web developers really have it going for them now.

Can anyone tell me what truly is the definition of robustness, functional, scalable, modular, ease-of -use language for today.

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by Shellbot In reply to The Ultimate Programming ...

Lets compare programming to toasters.

All toasters toast bread.
All programing languages create a set of instructions for a computer to follow.

If the plain simple cheap toaster toasts bread..why are there hundreds of companies selling different toasters?
And why are there different programming languages if they all simply tell a computer what to do?

Well, some people may want to toast bagels as well, so they need a toaster with wider slots...
Get my drift..

It comes down to different companies creating different products..and we choose them according to our needs/budget.

As for your last line..a programming language is only as good as the developer programming with it.

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All of those are design attributes

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to The Ultimate Programming ...

Languages lend them themsleves more to some by redcucing the empahsis on others.

This will never change. All designs are compromises.

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all designs are compromises?

by Jaqui In reply to All of those are design a ...

there is ONE programing language that is completely uncompromising.

and very, very hard to work in.


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Why doesn't the entire planet speak English ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to The Ultimate Programming ...

If you consider the answer to that question, you will have an inkling as to the complexity of the question on programming languages.

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by rob mekel In reply to Why doesn't the entire pl ...

there are more Spanish or Hindu or Chinese native speakers then there are English.

Not that they understand one-an-other cause of their different dialects (except for the Spanish).

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Que ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Simple

Mrs. Richards: Kay?
Manuel: Si.
Mrs. Richards: Sea? Kay, sea? What are you trying to say?
Manuel: No, no, no. Que... what.
Mrs. Richards: Kay Watt?
Manuel: Si, que what.
Mrs. Richards: C.K. Watt?
Manuel: Yes!
Mrs. Richards: Is he the manager, Mr. Watt?
Manuel: Oh, manajer!
Mrs. Richards: He is?
Manuel: Ah, Mister Fawlty!
Mrs. Richards: What?
Manuel: Fawlty!
Mrs. Richards: What are you talking about, you silly little man?
[to Polly]
Mrs. Richards: What is going on here? I asked him for my room and he tells me that the manager is a Mr. Watt, aged forty.
Manuel: No, no, FAWLTY!
Mrs. Richards: He's faulty? What's wrong with him?
Polly: It's all right, Mrs. Richards. He's from Barcelona.
Mrs. Richards: The manager's from Barcelona?
Manuel: No, he's from-a Swanage.

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by Dr Dij In reply to The Ultimate Programming ...

because there is not ONE ULTIMATE PROBLEM or type of problem that computers are used to solve. They are effectively a huge range of tools used to solve many different problems.

Like a wrench is used to solve many problems.

Including things it shouldn't be used for where you would need a hammer.

Or a drill or ...

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bundle programming languages

by jmseillon In reply to The Ultimate Programming ...

The best languages per aim :

Web --> php, python
Development --> C/C++, python
Sgdb --> PostGresql, Mysql
OS --> linux, unix.

With that you don't need other things.

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Not a M$ fan then?

by Shellbot In reply to bundle programming langua ...
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I am an MS fan!

by Shaunny Boy In reply to Not a M$ fan then?

Web -->, or
Development --> or
DB --> sql server 200x
OS --> Pass!

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