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The United Nations waned to control the Internet

By maxwell edison ·
The United States, backed by the European Union, Japan and Canada, has turned back a bid by developing nations to place the Internet under the control of the United Nations or its member governments.

But governments, the private sector and others will be asked to establish a mechanism under U.N. auspices to study the governance of the Internet and make recommendations by 2005.

The whole story:

(REMOVE SPACES from the pasted URL.)

Who should "govern" the Internet?

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Dang - a typo in the title

by maxwell edison In reply to The United Nations waned ...

The title should read, "The United Nations wanted to control the Internet".

Sorry bout' that.

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Who governs it now?

by LesDabney67 In reply to Dang - a typo in the titl ...

And why do we need to change it?

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Who controls the Internet now? Nobody and Everybody

by maxwell edison In reply to Who governs it now?
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Ah so

by LesDabney67 In reply to Who controls the Internet ...

why not leave it alone?

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Pleast test links ....

by jardinier In reply to Who controls the Internet ...

before submitting your post. The first of the two above gives a 404 message.

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That dreaded space appears

by maxwell edison In reply to Pleast test links ....

I should have posted the tiny url, but I did mention to remove the space from the pasted url. For some reason, when a url is cut and pasted into one of these threads, a mysterious space sometimes (almost always) sneaks in somewhere. After cutting and pasting into your browser, you'll have to find that dreaded space and "close the gap". (sometimes it's rather difficult to find.)


------------------- _internet.html

Remove the space that mysteriously appeared between the s (last letter of controls) and _ (the underscore).

------------------- ningTheNet.htm

In this one, the space in the middle of the word governing is the culprit.

------------------- 7-6682r.htm

In this one, the space appeared in the middle of the number 125717, between the last 1 and the 7.


Okay, here are the tinys:




Next time, I'll take the extra effort to convert the url into a tiny url. (But I've even seen the space appear in the tiny!)


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Did you notice the SECOND space?

by maxwell edison In reply to That dreaded space appear ...

After I cut and pasted the original URLs, a SECOND space appeared.

1. ht(space)tp instead of http

2. w(space)3concepts instead of w3concepts

3. washt(space)imes instead of washtimes

Okay, that does it. I'm going to always use the tiny url from now on.

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by mrbill- In reply to Did you notice the SECOND ...

If possible could you please post both the original url and the tinyurl. Our system block the tinyurl, it thinks it is a sex site. I have asked the admin guys and they say it is from higher up and I am not going to ask AF for just one url block. Thanks

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In answer to you're question

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Who governs it now?

Nobody controls the internet now.

And we need to change it because there are preditors out there corupting our children or worse still abusing our children all with the tacid approval of some small countries who make a killing from this type of trash.

The Internet is a great thing but there need to be some guidelines set or we will see our children totaly corupted by this media that presently has little to no controls over it. At present several countries pass laws that govern what can be displayed via the net but because of the way it is setup these laws only apply in thta country and there is no way of stopping the same trash comming in from another country.

This is the only area that needs looking at and possibly some of the Spam/Fraud and things like that where we need a "World WIde" approch to stop this from comming through which presently doesn't exist.

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and the UN is the solution??

by dksmith In reply to In answer to you're quest ...

Is Spam really that bad? Yes I hate it, but do we need to establish an extra-governmental organization to police and ban it? How is it defined? What is you spam is my marketing and advertising. Did you know enough people actually click on the links and buy the crap sold in those emails? That makes it legitimate business. What is not legitimate is how they get the addresses in the first place, but we're not discussing that right now.

Re: Protecting The Children
I think the only solution is for people to become loving and benevolent, but that and a buck buys me coffee.
It's amazing how many people will hand over their rights and freedoms to anyone "for the children."

What you are calling for in the larger sense is government sponsored censorship. When you talk about corrupting children what do you mean?
-- Let's assume you are talking about sex and nudity.
The US and the Europeans differ largely on that, how can the US and the Middle East, which is far more culturally conservative when it comes to what is displayed in the media, ever come to an agreement?

-- Let's assume you mean free speech.
The Germans have laws about Nazi and Aryan based websites. Whereas most (99.9%) Americans oppose such thoughts most would object to censoring the ideas completely. the right for some stupid moron to post anti-semetic statements is the same right that lets me post this to the discsussion board. You can't have free speech both ways.


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