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The Unpredictable Presidential Race

By AV . ·
Obama and Huckabee win the Iowa Caucus by a strong margin. Hillary comes in third to Obama. Huckabee beats out Romney even though Romney spent $10 million dollars in Iowa.

It will be truly interesting to see who wins New Hampshire next week. I don't think I can predict who will be the nominee for each party (Republican and Democrat) because the race changes all the time. There's always a possibility that Michael Bloomberg will run as an Independent candidate, too. He has until March 5 to do that.

Both parties have an equal chance of winning, right now, but anything can happen. I'm excited that the Bush Presidency will finally be over and we're going to have more choices for President instead of just Clinton or Bush. Of course, Hillary Clinton is there for those that want to vote that way. I think there's something for everyone in this election. The candidates truly reflect (finally) the diversity of our nation.

I don't know how you're feeling right now, but I'm sick of the status-quo and want to see real change in this country. How do you feel about it? Care to make a predication as to who will be the nominee for either party and why you think that?


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Predictions? No. Wish list? Maybe closer to the truth

by Tig2 In reply to The Unpredictable Preside ...

I would like to see Barak Obama win the Democratic nod. He seems, of all of them, to have some solid footing. Hillary's campaign of "Vote for me because I have experience", is fallacious to me. Sleeping with the President is different from BEING the President.

On the Republican side, it is a bit tougher. I only know right now that I do NOT like Mitt Romney. I would swear that man is a Ken doll all the way to his plastic molded genitalia. I would not buy a used car from that man and figure that if that is the case, I probably don't want him to be President.

I read a lot about Ron Paul. I will continue to do so. He seems to have tapped into something that is resounding with people from all walks. And that is exciting to see.

Since Iowa, everyone seems to be on the "Change" wagon. My question is, why now and not on Monday? Barak certainly had change in his agenda as did Edwards. Ron Paul has had it all the time as has Huckabee. Can we be fooled by imitations? Our history seems to say "Yes".

What I fear is that this become a desperation race. We are so desperate to get Bush out that we are almost to a point of letting ANYONE ELSE in- qualified or not.

I found it heartening that most candidates took the time and trouble to recognize that the voter must be educated. And they tried to do that. This is good and should continue.

I also think that attack ads will find no traction this year. The more that a candidate attacks, the more desperate they appear. Kind of like using a four letter word because you can't think of anything intelligent to say. I hope that the candidates have caught that as well.

Hang on, kids. It's gonna be a bumpy ride!

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I hope they all skip the attack ads this time

by AV . In reply to Predictions? No. Wish l ...

It really is a desperate attempt to garner more votes when the candidates should be talking about their stance on the issues. We don't need another "Swift Boat" style campaign, but I fear once the party nominees are chosen and the race becomes Republican vs. Democrat, the mud-slinging will begin.

If Obama can win in NH, he could well be on his way to the Democratic nomination. I think Bill Clinton is way too close to Hillary's campaign. If she won the election, I can't see him not being intimately involved in the Presidency. Or, he would likely be appointed by her to a position of great power within our government. Theres something not quite right about that because he already was a 2 term President.

The Republicans don't really have a candidate that stands out at this point. Probably the closest is Huckabee, especially now that his new campaign manager is Ed Rollins, who was the campaign manager for Reagan in 1984. Ron Paul would offer a big change, but he is a bit too radical for me. I definitely do not like Mitt. You're funny. Plastic molded definitely describes him. He's trying to buy the election.

It surely will be a bumpy ride.


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Ron Paul is a frightening dude. I see a second inquisition with this guy

by ManiacMan In reply to I hope they all skip the ...

in office because he's too much of a radical Jesus freak to respect people of other religions other than Evangelical Christianity. There's nothing wrong with being Christian, but if he uses his powers to promote a certain religion over another, then he would be violating everything that the constitution and separation of church and state stands for. We simply cannot have this in this country, because as we stand to have it today, we already have a nut in office who thinks god talks to him and tells him to start wars against a group of people who don't wish to live like we do.

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Yeah, he is scary

by AV . In reply to Ron Paul is a frightening ...

I saw him on Meet the Press a couple of weeks ago. This article is a snapshot of some of his views, but there is a video if you click on the Meet the Press link.

Ron Paul wants to eliminate parts of our government. No more FBI, CIA and IRS. Pull our troops out of every country in the world. Eliminate the Department of Education. All to reduce the size of government and give back tax dollars to the people. In the meantime, he doesn't have a plan for the aftermath. Thats whats scary, to me.

I'm all for reducing the size of the government and for paying less taxes, but I think we need some of that stuff. I'd rather pay taxes to have a military presence in some countries, like North Korea, than not be there and wonder whats going on.

I didn't know he was an Evangelical. I know he is a strict Constitutionist. Either way, he's not getting my vote. I don't think he has a chance of winning, thankfully.


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by The Scummy One In reply to I hope they all skip the ...

Although I have not made up my mind yet, Ron is my top choice.
I do not like his stance on foreign policy, and he seems to want to make too big a change in other areas, too quickly. But, it would take time for all of those changes to occur, and he would also be paying attention to what voters want.

He does seem to be an intelligent person, who tries to be truthful, and not a skanky biatch of a candidate. He wants to make changes, and sees that internally, the nation is suffering. Basically his views would be like taking a step back, re-examining, and moving forward again.

His foreign policy though, is atrocious. However it goes, I think that the next pres. will likely start pulling troops from Iraq/Afghanistan. Although I think it is a mistake, it is likely to happen anyway. But basically he wants to isolate the US from everyone else, except in trade. Hopefully if he takes office, he will not have time to do everything to the extent he is talking about.

If I were to guess (yes, a bad idea), I would have to say that he would probably pull much of out military back, the CIA would be cut in half, the FBI and IRS would be cut only by a quarter, etc..

In a 4 yr. term, even this would be a bit of a struggle. He cannot just close everything 1 day, there needs to be a plan for each item to be closed. Responsibilities transferred, etc.. This is a lot of work, and can only be done well by phasing. I doubt he would just suddenly wake up one day and say 'close down the IRS' or 'close down the treasury'! What would happen then? Nope, there needs to be a plan in place to phase it down and generate revenue from alternate sources first.

While Ron may not be a perfect candidate, I still think he is better than others out there!

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A prediction? The race has already been won!

by Absolutely In reply to The Unpredictable Preside ...

George Washington got there first. The race is over. They're all making this great big deal out of, what is it now, 45th runner-up? Wow!

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Plenty of winners.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to A prediction? The race ha ...

Everyone who exercises their franchise is a winner, regardless of preference or outcome. Not everyone who fails to is a loser, but they're passing on an easy opportunity those in some other countries have to brave distance, weather, and bodily harm as the price of participation.

The U.S. may not have the best possible system but it's one of the best in the history of the planet.

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In fact, it's the worst ...

by Absolutely In reply to Plenty of winners.

except, of course, for all of the alternatives.

Palmetto: "The U.S. may not have the best possible system but it's one of the best in the history of the planet."

3rd Tuesday in November: Vote.
What? Not the third? Ooooh, Thanks!

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I'm with you

by NickNielsen In reply to The Unpredictable Preside ...

I'm had enough of politics as usual. To that end, I've been participating with the Unity 08 effort ( No candidate now, but our actual convention isn't until this summer.

Of the current major-party candidates, I'm leaning toward John McLain, primarily because he has shown that he is able to work with the other party for the good of the nation. None of the other candidates has that kind of track record.

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Excellent point Nick

by Michael Jay In reply to I'm with you

The left and the right are wrong, we can only hope that neither wins. We need something new.

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