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The use of "as well" has become a verbal tic in public speaking.

By jmslund ·
Has anyone noticed the recent overuse of the phrase "as well"? Almost
every talking head on television, especially on news shows seems
compelled to use this phrase instead of the ordinary, the pedestrian "too"
, "also", or "additionally" in any sentence diagram.
I am catching the tragic whiff of a bit of social climbing, the desire to
appear more cultured, more erudite. This particular construction, "as
well", is more common to the English language heard across the Big
Pond. Useful and appropriate in various applications, the professional
yakkers seem to employ the phrase as an affectation. Am I imagining this
trend? It annoys me and, my friends as well.

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As well...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to The use of "as well" has ...
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Tell me about it.

by santeewelding In reply to The use of "as well" has ...

Try striking all four from your vocabulary for a while. Forces reformulation of thought, and an airing to yourself of what you do. Sensitizes you all the more.

Like strategies sensitize me to your every word as an affectation.

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by Dr Dij In reply to The use of "as well" has ...

I attend alot of webinars during free moments.

I find alot of speakers use 'uhhh' as a filler. It sounds horrible.

One guy did this so much I counted 100+ then had to give up.

You should work on your speaking skills if it gets this bad. I give alot of talks at clubs, where this isn't at a biz so less stressful which helps.

I find just concentrating on what you want to say prevents this usually. I rarely 'fade out' where you have a loss of what to say immediately during a talk.

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Does Ummm count

by w2ktechman In reply to Uhh

I say that often when I am nervous. Of course I dont do too much public speaking, and I am often an interpreter for telling people what the problem is -- in terms that they will understand. So it just kinda crept up on me and then stayed.

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as well as

by w2ktechman In reply to The use of "as well" has ...

well, I just had to say it, I really have nothing to add to this discussion.

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I notice that I often repeat words and phrases.

by OnTheRopes In reply to The use of "as well" has ...

I actually have a fairly large vocabulary but only use a fraction of it. I notice it when I'm typing. I haven't noticed the use of 'as well' but now I'll be listening and watching for it. The phrase <i>seems</i> like something I say too frequently.

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"As well"

by jimrubis In reply to The use of "as well" has ...

No kidding. It drives me nuts --- that's how I found this site. A local radio announcer used 'as well' three times in one sentence.

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