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    The USSD Enterprise – How is your SSD adventure going?


    by bullardog ·

    When I think of putting SSD technology into an Enterprise environment, I have flashbacks of Star Trek the Motion Picture. First, let me say that I know I am showing my age and I am not a true Trekkie, but the movie did make a lasting impression on me. My vision is of the USS Enterprise (representing everyone who has or will have a data center) entering the Cloud (not sure if this was a private or public Cloud) where the villian V’Ger (the UNKNOWN) lived. The parallel is chilling. Clouds, an Enterprise and a beast that exists only to collect information. Sound like a data center to me.

    Just like Captain Kirk’s adventures, the UNKNOWN plays a huge role in implementing new technology for most of us. I always find it interesting how humor is based in truth and there are a couple of truths I see in this analogy.

    The assumption was that V’ger was headed to destroy the Earth and nothing seems to be able to stop her (why do the best villains always get female voices?), so Kirk had no choice but to meet the challenge head on. We really don’t have a choice about implementing SSDs, since they are likely to replace all other forms of storage over time. The other important truth is the UNKNOWN can’t stop us from completing the mission.

    There are so many unknowns in the SSD equation that the desire is to fast forward to the end of the movie where the answer seems obvious. Voyager!!! NASA’s un-manned space probe returning to earth to complete it’s mission and download all the information it had gathered to it’s maker. V’ger was not really a villian at all. It was just an technology that had advanced beyond its maker’s expectations.

    There is no way of knowing how this movie will end. My thought is to enjoy the ride and share the trip with others. As I think about this analogy I can help but smile and I would love to hear how your ride is going and maybe we can BOLDLY GO WHERE NO ONE HAS GONE BEFORE. These ARE the missions of the USSD Enterprise. BTW – rent the movie and yes it is in COLOR.

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