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By FluxIt ·
Many fictional articles attempt to make a case that silicon based computer viruses are approaching a time that they can 'mutate' into living viruses that infect carbon based life forms. There may be some truth in part to that.

If silicon based computers are used to farm and harvest nanobots. Computer code such as C++ then can be used to output these nano devices in some sort of biotech computer integrated manufacturing site. Using AI concepts and advanced virus techniques, a 'haywired' virus could cultivate and manufacture viruses deadly to humans.

This appears to be some sort of twist on the 'Demon Seed'. Scary!

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You need a hobby

by amcol In reply to THE VIRUS: SILICON VS CAR ...

Of all the things in life there are to worry about, you pick this?

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by FluxIt In reply to You need a hobby

I am not worried. However, I think that there may be some truth to this. I have this nagging thought that the anti-christ is not a natural human. Instead, he may be genetically engineered, farmed, and harvested with others like him. These nanobots may be the foundation for the technology to engineer a super humanoid.

Scary to think that humans may actually create thier own anti-christ.

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by BFilmFan In reply to THE VIRUS: SILICON VS CAR ...

Actually I was reading a paper recently that described nanobacteria as self replicating carbon crystals containing some RNA strands.

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