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The Webninja Vetos XP SP3 and C++ 2005 Updates!

By the_webninja ·
I am posting this here to let those of you know who might be experiencing the same problems,that I recently had a long frustrating experience diagnosing and fixing a problem with my main PC.

The Symptoms started out with Windows Crashing Repeatedly for some unknown reason. After going through every part of my Hardware and realising it wasn't anything hardware related, I double Checked my BIOS and even Refreshed my BIOS, and still my system kept Crashing on Boot. So TWICE I Formatted the Hard Drive and Re-installed Windows, and after downloading all the Updates, the Crashes started again!!

So unsure what was causing the Problems I Formatted the Hard Drive and Re-installed Windows again. I Double Checked to make Sure I didn't have a Boot Sector Virus Lurking around anywhere, then I hesitated about downloading ANYTHING until I could pin point the Problem. Windows automatically Defaults to have Automatic Updates Turned on, so when I shut down the System it Automatically Downloaded the Updates again. The next day when I booted up Windows Crashed AGAIN! So I re-installed Windows for a Third time, and when Automatic Updates Downloaded XP SP3 and C++ 2005 it started Crashing again!!
But this time I wanted to figure out exactly which Programs were causing the Crashing. So I uninstalled XP SP3 and C++ 2005 and low and behold everything was back to Normal.

If any of you happen to Work with Microsoft please walk over to the Software Engineering area where they do the XP updates, walk up to the Guy Responsible and Slap him upside the head REAL HARD, and say "THAT's for Fuking up the Webninja's Computer you Moron!"


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"for some unknown reason"

by santeewelding In reply to The Webninja Vetos XP SP3 ...

I'm shaking my head at this.

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"for another unknown reason"...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to The Webninja Vetos XP SP3 ...

All you've achieved is the knowledge that some teensy-weensy part of one or other or both updates...

That's hardly grounds for complaint.

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Did you figure out

by CharlieSpencer In reply to The Webninja Vetos XP SP3 ...

what's causing your Shift key to engage Randomly and Cause all Those Annoying Capitals?

You might want to disable the Automatic Updates. I haven't had any problem with SP3 on Dell or HP / Compaq hardware, either desktop or laptop.

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But the FBI

by The Scummy One In reply to Did you figure out

has MS install spying programs on thewebninja's system. It is here that is the problem, their spyware does not function properly with these updates.

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A-HA! It's in the keystroke recorder, right?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to But the FBI

They're Recording his Keystrokes, and The Malware is Shifting the Characters As It Captures Them between the Physical Keystroke and Displaying them on the Screen.


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Uh Oh Palmetto

by Pringles86 In reply to A-HA! It's in the keystr ...

I think they got you too! Look at your post, many capital letters in there...

I heard it is really hard to remove that government spyware, near impossible... Good luck!

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Aw, man; I hate it when the government monitors my system.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Uh Oh Palmetto

Bin Laden

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Well now you've gone and done it!

by Tig2 In reply to Aw, man; I hate it when t ...

You had to mention kittens, didn't you!

Pretty soon they will be all over us. Thanks a lot, Palmie!

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I don't have any problem with SP3 either.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Did you figure out

But then, I haven't installed it. Won't either, for awhile. Always wait out the bugs.
That would be the 'Veto in advance'. B-)


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I installed all of the critical updates EXCEPT SP3

by The Scummy One In reply to I don't have any problem ...

afterall, SP3 loads all of those patches and then adds new cr@p to the system. It is not a 'needed' patch, no matter what MS is calling it

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