The Windows on my Laptop Are Huge!?!?

By tough_guy_4_play ·
My Laptop (ACER travelmate 4000) had recently had alot of virus' and the lastest has changed the size of my windows. And Desktop, the icons are regular size but the spacing is big and ugly. My windows in genral and huge and neally unusable.

if u think u can help i am more then happy to email screen shots to help.

Thanks Alot


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Try changing your theme....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to The Windows on my Laptop ...

Change the theme to something else, reboot, then change it back to your current theme and reboot again.

If that doesn't work, you'll need to look up what kind of damage each virus you've had causes to the system. If you know what damage they cause, you might be able to fix it.

That's about all we can tell you without knowing the particulars of what virus' you've had (or still have).

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For screenshots - try using Photobucket ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to The Windows on my Laptop ...

Most of the TR peers favour the use of this photo-hosting site, which is FREE. Once you have posted your photos to Photobucket, you can post the links in this thread, then we can access your screenshots for ourselves. I doubt if you will find many peers that will release their personal email addresses to you for this sole purpose.

As to your present problem, assuming you are running Windows XP, perhaps you would be best served by getting rid of whichever virus is causing your present symptoms.

Download, install then update this program. REMEMBER: for maximum efficiency always run anti-virus program scans from Safe Mode.

Also, if you are getting repeated and many viral infections you should perhaps consider using a better 3rd party firewall.

If you are running Windows Vista, the above options may work, I wouldn't know, since I have not yet moved over to the Dark Side.

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Video Driver?

by Alpha-Male In reply to The Windows on my Laptop ...

Make sure your system is loading the correct video driver for your system (and that it sees the right video card). If it is, check your video resolution settings.

For example, in XP, right click on a clear space on the desktop, choose properties, settings and try to adjust your screen resolution to what is correct for your system (1024x768 may be a good place to start - then you can tweak it to get the right settings if your laptop is widescreen etc).

Considering you had a lot of viruses on it, if it were me, I'd back up my important data to an external hard drive (etc) and restore your factory software. Install anti-virus software, update it, then connect the external drive up - scan it to make sure the data you backed up is no longer in any way infected then restore it.

This will ensure your OS and drivers are set up correctly, your system is clean and there is no lingering problems or hidden viruses/damage.

To me, it's just not worth fighting with a badly compromised system to get it to work right again. It's too easy to miss something or not get everything resolved. I enjoy trying it every now and then just to hone my skills, but even if I do get it fixed, I'll genereally wipe the system and start clean anyhow.

Even though it takes a while to do this, the positive is that when you're done, your system will be running well, clean and much more dependable. You can use products like ghost (from Norton) to image your machine at this point so you can quickly restore it back to your preferred settings in future.

Good luck. Hope this helps.

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Try this, go into "device manager" and go to "display adaptors ".

Right click on your display adaptor and select "delete", now reboot your computer.
When rebooted if will come up as "found new hardware" and reinstall itself. Now your screen should become normal again.
Once done download these:
Run these well to give your computer a clean bill of health.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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