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    The Windows Vista (Longhorn) Thread. . .


    by swgoldwire2546 ·

    This is one of my weekly threads where, it is funny you would guess this scenario ala Monty Python, I get into one of these dialogues.

    In my private journals, whenever I have an issue to address whether it plagues me and/or others around, whether involved new stuff for me to discover (like the C++ coding scenario) or other case scenarios affecting the world, before I lose my thoughts I would write these things down. When I write my thoughts down, I sometimes go into dialogue mode and get the conversation started. . . Oops, I feel a dialogue coming on!

    Shrimpshe: Hey, Berry Myrtle, guess what I read today on CNET?

    Yayamomo: I don’t know dudette. Is this article about Microsoft Windows Vista?

    Shrimpshe: Gee, whitakers! How do you know this was coming?

    Yayamomo: I read the same thing about Windows Vista and also other articles in PC Magazine and PC World journal. . .

    NYT: (with Sherry) Yo, did I miss something?

    Yayamomo: We were just started to discuss about Windows Vista, New York Times–

    NYT: Oh, that. I thought you guys were discussing something else, like the $100.00 laptop.

    Shrimpshe: That too. However, Windows Vista came into the discussion, so. . .

    NYT: I figured that Windows Vista will come out in early 2007.

    Yayamomo: No, but that Windows Vista will come out in late December 2006.

    NYT: True. But issues must be met so that Windows Vista will be out in 2007

    Sherry: (completely annoyed) Will you PLEASE, quit talking about Microsoft Windows Vista?!?

    Shrimpshe: Oh, Sherika, I thought this discussion will help us tech-minded individuals and entrepreneurs become involved in the Longhorn project–

    Sherry: Yes, the Longhorn project that is NONE of our concerns and thoughts!

    Shrimpshe: True. I was informed by Microsoft and CNET about the public Beta2, how we are able to try Windows Vista out with its new features.

    NYT: Sweet. Now, if we could just see what Windows Vista is like–

    Yayamomo: I got the Beta2 disc.

    Sherry: (astonished) You’re gots to be kidding!!!

    Shrimpshe: Where did you get that species?

    Yayamomo: At a Microsoft conference that promotes Windows Vista to the public.

    NYT: (with joy) Perfect! Now we will really see how that operating system should work on your computer, Myrtle Avenue–

    Yayamomo: Don’t call me Myrtle Avenue! I am a Japanese berry myrtle!

    NYT: My bad. I must have assumed the alternative.

    Sherry: Well, don’t assume squat of what you don’t know here! Especially about Microsoft Windows Vista–

    WDW: (joining in) And about other things that are not your concern.

    NYT, Shrimpshe, Yayamomo: (all) Like?

    WDW: there are other issues regarding software copyrights, music copyrights, book publishing copyrights, etc. . .

    Shrimpshe: Well then, we all should keep Windows Vista Beta2 to ourselves, are we not?

    Sherry: NO! MICROSOFT should keep Windows Vista to ITSELF if it wants to keep private about the due date!!

    WDW: Among other things. . .

    That was the end of the dialog. Things are needed to be kept private in order for the product to be close to perfect. So much for my beef about protecting organisations and consumers’ rights. . .

    Got beef with Windows, including the future Windows Vista? Give me a holler and feedback. Thanks.

    -swg 🙂

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