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The world of Celeron

By GTek ·
Ok, now Celeron chips are hitting the Ghz. Theoritically, you can put one of those 1.2 Ghz Celeron processors into a motherboard that currently has a 733, or can you? I was examining my board and it has NO jumpers for the processor. Also, my manual said that the processor sets itself or the bios does. Can I upgrade further or have I hit a dead end?

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The Mighty Celeron (nice chip)

by jeremyxrck In reply to The world of Celeron

I would like to tell you a firm YES, but I cannot tell you for sure. Your board will have a PC-PGA socket, and supports up to ???. If you want to go to 1GHz, you can. I know the PentiumIII has a new PC-PGA/2 that I dropped into by board, clocking at1GHz. A Celeron is still at PC-PGA, so 1GHz is a safe bet. I don't Celeron will offer the PC-PGA/2 chips. ( the oly diffence really is the introduction of the heat slug on top of the die to help transfer the heat to the heatsink.) Also, higher clockspeeds can be achiveved with a dated socket design...


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