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The Worst Christmas Gift You Ever Got

By Triathlete1981 ·
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My parents gave me a 42" plasma TV. Very nice considering I know it's a little out of their reach, but in a new apartment with a wife and kid, I really appreciated it. However, the power cord was defective. Long story short, it caused a small fire last night during New Year's Eve. It was the first New Year's Eve I've been able to spend at home (and what a great time it was until this happened). As the two of us were in the kitchen, kid asleep, we smell something. We go into the living room and see a small blaze up the side of the wall behind the TV. My wife panics like all women do (just kidding to the female audience). I get the fire extinguisher, put out the blaze and call the fire department.

Tomorrow, I'll be exchanging the TV. My wife will be yelling at Best Buy like they were the cause of Hurricane Katrina, and my parents already have apologized about 1000 times.

So, although I've gotten dumb things in the past, you know, socks as a kid instead of Transformers, I think this tops the list of the worst, and ironically most expensive, Christmas gift I've ever gotten.

What's yours?

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Best Buy or the manufacturer should be liable

by Joe_R In reply to The Worst Christmas Gift ...

This sounds like a hands-down liability case. Either Best Buy or the manufacturer should be liable - a good lawyer would file a claim against both.

I would imagine that the apartment owner's insurance company would want to pursue it as well. Fire damage, smoke damage, personal property damage, temporary living arrangements, etc. In the end, this shouldn't cost you a penny.

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Worst Christmas gift...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to The Worst Christmas Gift ...

A chainsaw. Need I say more?

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But, But

by The Scummy One In reply to Worst Christmas gift...

it can be used on the gift giver!!!

Not so bad actually!

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Don't tempt me!

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to But, But

I still have it and still think about doing just that! The only thing that saves OH is that while splitting wood I pretend his face is on the top of the log!

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Worst Gift

by The Scummy One In reply to The Worst Christmas Gift ...

Last year I got an x-box 360. I havent played on a game console since the super nintendo.
this would have been a nice gift, if I was much of a gamer, but to get it to work caused me to spend lots of money. See my tv, and old crt, was already filled up, so no place to plug it in. I had to buy another tv to use it. Well, not really, I could have done other things, but I didnt want it in the same place either.
So, I had to get another tv. Also, they got a bunch of regular x-box games for it. However, most of these games were incompatible with the 360, so I had to go out and get an x-box (or a bunch of returns).
I did have some fun playing on it at first, but I have used it for about an hour over the last 4 months.
This is the exact reason that I dont get electronics for other people unless I know exactly what they want.

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A few xmas's ago

by Neil Higgins In reply to Worst Gift

I was bought some nice headphones.Xmas morning I connected them to the back of my desktop PC,and began to listen to my music.In my haste,I turned around very quickly to look at something my dad was showing me,and ripped out the left side "wire" attachment,thus rendering the headphones useless.
The shop where they had been bought from replaced them without fuss,after the holiday period,but for a few days it was speaker mode only.What an idiot!!

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Always get one

by The Scummy One In reply to A few xmas's ago

with a 9' cable. Else there are issues, as you have found out.

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Worst gift

by NickNielsen In reply to The Worst Christmas Gift ...

A heated travel mug. The cord plugs into the cigarette lighter. Three guesses how long that lasted!

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You guys think you have it bad...

by enriquehernz In reply to Worst gift

I got a shirt that says "Potatoe Potato"

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A Singing, Dancing Snowman...

by SkyWlf77 In reply to The Worst Christmas Gift ...

...That I got on Christmas Day. This means that it was basically useless to use it this year. Therefore, I now have something that I have to store for 11 months--only to take it out, have to buy batteries for it, find an outlet for it to plug into, turn it on and scare the heck out of my cat, then repeat for another year.

To top it all off, it was bought at a store in another state which isn't a chain store, so it cannot even be returned. And get this--It was $25! I can think of many other things much more useful for that kind of cash (yes, they left the sticker on it).

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