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The worst IT job is:

By MichaelHilliard ·
Working for a law firm. They people in this enviorment excpet you to be able to fix any
problem with a snap of a finger. If it's not fast enough for them their first line is:

This is not acceptable!

and be ready to call the upper branch in the IT field.

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Finger trouble

by Choppit In reply to The worst IT job is:

I didn't think it was possible to snap A finger, although that's what I do to my users when I catch them sharing passwords

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Snapping fingers

by Old Guy In reply to Finger trouble

It wouldn't do much good for me to snap their fingers here--it's an orthopaedic office. They'd just fix it right back. :)

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Accountants are just as bad..

by faradhi In reply to The worst IT job is:

Probably any industry that deals with billable hours. Time is quite literally money.

I have had users complain because I rebooted a terminal server at midnight because they wanted to work. I had users complain that the update to software is intefering with their work. (but they needed the software now)

I understand your frustration.

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I would

by Jaqui In reply to The worst IT job is:

tell them that if they aren't happy, call a contractor... a few hundred an hour, with at least 2 hours of downtime before they get there plus 2 hours of billed time.

they can lose 3-4 hours of productivity, and pay through the nose, or shut the f**k up and grab a brain cell, it takes time to diagnose the broblem and solve it.

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My Manager

by stargazerr In reply to The worst IT job is:

doesnt seem to know any other sentence ...

And I work in a sales environment


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Try Medical

by Old Guy In reply to The worst IT job is:

The job itself is pretty cool but the docs can be "so exasperated" if something goes down for even a minute. It's almost like the most devastating thing that has ever happened.

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On the road Service Technician

by domenicl_2000 In reply to Try Medical

The worst for me was being a technician on the road.The company gives u the service call & eventhou u never worked on the machine in question u r expected to learn at the customer's site.When the customer keeps asking u all types of questions & u r suppose to know the machine inside & out.Plus the other drowbacks is one company in particular I was working for they offered 2 hours response time.Sometimes u r working on a machine & it may take longer then usual & the customer still expects u to get there within 2 hours,living in Canada I had to battle snow storms to get to the customer.If the weather is bad noone cares if it is dangerous on the road,the only thing that matters is that u get there no matter the circumstances.

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Great Question!

by Flyers70 In reply to The worst IT job is:

Working for a financial services company is no treat either. When the machine of a big money producer goes down, you ought to hear the mayhem that ensues to get his machine back in order.

Strictly in terms of job function, I'd have to say any production support role is the worst job. You are the first to catch the initial load of angry, bitter complaints that come down the pike, even though you may have had nothing to do with the issue in question.

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A close second

by jdmercha In reply to The worst IT job is:

I would agree that a law firm is probably the worst. But a close second would be an Engineering school.

You have PhD engineers who think they know everything about computers. If they don't like the way their systems are set up, they go ahead and set up their own. It doesn't matter if in conflicts with the rest of the college.

Then you have the engineering students trying to hack everything they can find. And they are quite often successful.

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Internet Helpdesk

by jrandom42 In reply to The worst IT job is:

Perhaps the worst job is the Internet Helpdesk phone support. Don't believe me? Just check out

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