Them annoying "you have won" smartphone popups

By tcavadias Staff ·
Tags: Security, Malware
So there you are, reading an article from a legit source, and this annoying "You have won a $500 Amazon gift card" pops up, and won't go away.

You run a virus check - nothing, you run a malware check - nothing

So what do you do, when no virus or malware is found? Where are these pop-ups coming from?

Has this happened to you? How did you resolve it?

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They are probably coming from the site youre visiting

by zdnetx622e In reply to Them annoying "you have w ...

Be more careful about which sites you visit!

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Don't click on these popups

by foo-bar In reply to They are probably coming ...

These could be malicious popups and could hijack your device by installing malware. Please don't click on these ads.

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Can you change your web browser?

I'd try using Firefox ESR on a desktop/laptop, if you're on a smartphone, Firefox has at least came out with a mobile version for Android. For IOS, you're basically stuck with Safari or a "skin" to it. If using PC and Windows 10, go with Edge...time to stop rewarding the ultimate source of advertising frustration and ditch Chrome. Yes, most web sites rely on advertising for revenue...but if the ad server they use gets hacked, then every visitor to their site is a potential malware victim. Use an ad blocker, and at sites that don't force dozens of ads on visitors, whitelist them to say "thanks for not being obtrusive",

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