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    then and now

    by john.a.wills ·

    A possibly paranoid dictator with a communist background sends his troops to invade and conquer an unthreatening, alas rather corrupt, but indubitably democratic neighbor, without any prior recourse to the International Court of Justice or the International Court of Arbitration. The two states have some linguistic and cultural affinity, and intertwined histories, but no comprehensible motive with any justice in it is given for the attack. A possible partial motive is the dictator’s wish to distract his subjects from his inability to build justice and prosperity; he may also be afraid that a democracy next door could give his own subjects ideas. How does the U.S. (and the “West” in general) react?
    1955: largely with indifference, until the U.S., about 8 years after the start of the war, attempts, rather incompetently, to assist the democracy in its defence, when the U.S. is accused of aggression and the dictator’s invasion is justified on various preposterous and contradictory grounds, while the dictator becomes a hero of the demonstrators.
    2022: very different. Why?

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      by deadrisk ·

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      it is too complicated for us 🙁 but the Russia always has impulses to be an empire…hope they will collapse soon

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        half an answer to half a question

        by john.a.wills ·

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        deadrisk has given a partial response to the 2022 matter, but nothing about 1955: it is the difference that interests me.

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