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then why doesn't the MS Store show them via the usual entry??

By myangeldust ·
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RE: then why doesn't the MS Store...

by myangeldust In reply to then why doesn't the MS S ...

It's not just enough to have the last word be yours but that those words actually say something meaningful. The links works so folks interested in Windows 7 can buy it. Or folks who buy a Windows 8 machine can contact the manufacturer to get a downgrade to Windows 7. If this irks you don't take it out on me, dem's the breaks. An car maker wouldn't sell you last generation wheels with their new gen car. I don't know of any industry that would be so accomodating. (I'm sure this is not enough and you'll have a last word anyways.)

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Or folks who buy a Windows 8 machine can contact the manufacturer to get a

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to then why doesn't the MS S ...

The difference between the car company and Microsoft is that the car company actually sells you something where as Microsoft at best sells you to right to use a Product that you never actually own and doesn't cost much money to actually produce a copy of.

Any Car Company can not sell you last years model once they have exhausted their supplies and if they where to make one to suit the buyer they would run into significant expenses where as Microsoft makes some code available which they have on file at virtually no cost to themselves. Even then you don't own anything you just have bought the right to use that code.

You can not compare any maker of Hardware be it a car or a HDD with a Software Maker who doesn't have the same expenses of making available older things that they made.

And as for Computer Makers honoring the Backward License best not look at HP as they are currently refusing to provide any support for any of their products sold with 8 Loaded if there is a copy of 7 Installed and 8 is not running.

They will of course honor any Hardware Failures but will provide no support for people who want/need to run older versions of Windows on their new 8 supplied computer.


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Col, Microsoft don't want anyone offering or supporting backgrades

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Or folks who buy a Window ...

MS want Win 7 to die out and only have Win 8. That's why so few have the backgrade ability.

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And it's also why

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Col, Microsoft don't want ...

About 80% of new systems are sold with 7 Loaded. Seems that Business currently doesn't want a bar of 8 quite rightly.

Of course when Windows 8 Phones or Tablets get Market Penetration and the End Users are comfortable using them things will be different but till then I can not see 8 Being overly Popular on anything but the most Basic Domestic Systems which are sold to a Price and not expected to be heavily supported by their makers.

edited to add this link

because I'm sure that someone will call me on the above claim of 80% saying I'm dreaming. :^0


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I don't know what it's like up your way, but most of the

by Deadly Ernest In reply to And it's also why

retail outlets down here, like Hardly Normal etc., ran specials to sell out their Win 7 stocks some weeks back at the request of the vendors following in a request by Microsoft to do that. Now the local stores have major issues with people returning the new Win 8 retail systems as 'unfit for purpose' as they can't use them (mostly older people wanting something they know how to use) or walking out the door again when the shop says Win 8 is all they have. The one Apple store in town is doing a HUGE business at the moment, he has a system set up in the window with a desktop that looks a lot like Win XP.

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DE That's not something I've seen here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I don't know what it's li ...

But then again I don't do any Domestic Work so it's very unlikely that I would see anything like that.

The places where I buy systems from when I need to, sell what i want not what they have available and they currently only have a very limited range of Windows 8 Units which seem to be more for Show than Go and are not moving.

But as I said they supply Business not Domestic so they are not what most of the Big Box Buyers would see and as they are Wholesale Only and do not accept Retail Customers they can not see anyone wanting Domestic Systems.


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wait a minute Col

by PurpleSkys In reply to And it's also why

how can you and DE be "talking" to us? According to the Mayan calendar, you should already be gone! Are you speaking to us from the great beyond?

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Great Beyond - is that what you call the Pacific Ocean now?

by Deadly Ernest In reply to wait a minute Col

if it is, yes, we're beyond that.

edit to add - the Mayan Calendar business never said anything about destruction. What we have today is the Mayan equivalent of the start of a new millennium for them. Thus this is all like the Y2K world will end crap.

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Actually where the mistake is PS

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to wait a minute Col

Is that you are supposing that the Mayan's used the same Time line as we do when we are referring to the International Date Line. They may very well not have used the same starting point of the day on the face of the Planet.

Then according to the Experts as the Mayan Calender ends at 12.00 PM on December 21 2012 it all depends when the Mayan Day Started or more precisely Where the Mayan Day Started. We still have quite a few hours to go before it reaches December 21 2012 10.00 PM so there is time yet for me to post.

What's so great about today is I can do whatever I like and not have to worry about consequences. I've already hit the Wifes Daughter in Law for 48 Million + GST trashed several Police Cars and generally speaking had a great time so far.

But as I can still type I'm not drunk yet. But I'm working on it.


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by PurpleSkys In reply to Actually where the mistak ...

you wacko lol

So I guess by what you're telling me, I'm good til about midnight tonight my time. You know, that's just about the time we're having a bit of a wind and rain storm **** through the area. Supposed to have gust up to 70 km/hr, which isn't too bad, but will still make me sketchy.

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