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I do tech support for various people, several psychologists, and occasional billing and various database things for providers. I am currently working for a psychologist who is using Netsmart's Therapist Helper, version 6.0 from the mid or late 90's I believe. Therapist Helper has gone through multiple owners, from Brand Software to somebody else, then VantageMed, and now Netsmart.

TH 6.0 used a Btrieve database engine that was replaced in 6.1 by the one they currently use, so although 6.0 was a major update to the database front end, it was in 6.1 that they substantially changed the database schema and database engine. The therapist for whom I work would now like to re-initiate her maintenance contract with Netsmart and purchase the latest version of Helper. However, Netsmart (the new acquirer) no longer has access to the 6.1 database transfer utility, or the 6.1 program! They have offered to transfer the tables manually and rebuild it, but it would be cost-prohibitive for a small practice -- and having worked with databases myself, I know the kinds of subtle errors this can introduce into the data if not very thoughtfully accomplished. Thus if she is unable to turn up this utility program, she would prefer to start anew, either with a different EHR vendor, or the reenter her data with a new version of Helper.

So if anyone has a copy of the TH 6.1 transfer utility, or the 6.1 complete program, that would be a great help to me and perhaps we can make a trade for support or something! (Later versions, post 6.1, assume the database format is already updated so they are no help(er) -- it has to be 6.1, or preferably just the 6.1 transfer utility.) Or if anyone knows of anyone who may have the 6.1 transfer utility, that would be great too. This would most likely be a very OCD person, one who keeps every CD they ever install, even from the 90's probably!!!

Please feel free to contact me directly if possible, at or leave a message.
Thank you very much!

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