Therapist Helper - Duplicate Key

By bbr256 ·
Hi, after attempting a backup of my Therapist Helper data (v7.3.0), which failed, I now get the following message, "DBISAM Engine Error #9729 Duplicate Key found in the index 'Primary' of the table 'audit_trail'" I now am unable to save any data in the program. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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my guess

by jck In reply to Therapist Helper - Duplic ...

You (or your DBA) need to go in and query that table for the 2 (or more) rows that have identical key columns.

Go see what column your index "Primary" refers to, then query the column with

SELECT (primary), count(*) from audit_trail
group by (primary)

where (primary) is the name of the column indexed in the "Primary" index.
then look for any entries with more than 1 count.

That's what's breaking your keyed index.

Good luck

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