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There are Plenty of Women in IT

By maxwell edison ·
There are Plenty of Women in IT – if their exposure on TechRepublic is any indication.

Since some readers may make misguided or incorrect assumptions based solely on this short message, I start this discussion realizing that I’m running the risk of setting myself up for speculative criticism. But I won’t consent to any criticism, so that simply doesn’t matter. Moreover, anyone who feels so inclined should realize that by doing so you missed the entire point of this message. Nonetheless, I must make the disclaimer that I’m not a sexist, raciest, or anythingist, and I support and encourage people of all genders, colors, races, height, size, age, origin, religion, political party, planet, etc. to be all they can be, and acknowledge they all have the right to choose what they may or may not aspire to achieve, and nothing should prevent them from that desired end. But I digress.

A woman associated with TechRepublic, Judy Mottl I believe, started a discussion about the lack of women in IT. Keeping that in mind, I noticed something very interesting this morning. If you click on the TechRepublic Web site tabs - Home, CIO, IT Manager, Net Admin, Developer, Support, IT Consultant, Discussion Center, andTechnical Q&A - I noticed that the person pictured and credited for being that section editor (or whatever) is more times than not a woman. In fact, there are seven women and only two men. Therefore, one could surmise that TechRepublic needs to increase the number of men in charge of their various sections by at least two, possibly two and a half.

If one carries those previous discussions to their logical conclusion, that’s the only fair thing to do. Don’t you think?


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You have SOOOO kicked an anthill

by road-dog In reply to There are Plenty of Women ...

I find that in the road-dog circles, (field engineering) that there are very few females. Predominately, women seem to gravitate towards Management and other more sedentary support rolls. The previous commentary in numerous threads concludes that there is some parity between the sexes. I observe that they just aren't where I am...

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Language skills

by generalist In reply to There are Plenty of Women ...

The bias on TechRepublic could be due to language skills.

When dealing with gender differences, many studies report a bias that gives the female of the species an edge when it comes to language skills. As a result, in an organization that tries to be gender neutral, there would be more females in high level positions where communications skills are essential.

I believe this trend has been a lot more obvious in the publishing industry.

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Woman in IT

by smmurphy In reply to There are Plenty of Women ...

In the oganization I work for and in the project teams I manage, there are more women:
Technology Support : 2 Men 13 Women
Web Development & Support : 3 Men 7 Women
Legacy Systems: 4 Men 5 Women
Network Services: 5 Men 3 Women (the only anomoly)
Application Services: 4 Men 7 Women
Data Security: 4 Men 5 Women

Just a small sample in the areas I work with directly.

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