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    There arent any computers In Network Nei


    by amirnf4135 ·


    My network consists of novell netwre 4.11 and MS windows 2000. at win 9x clients , none clients see nothing but no problems with win 2k client and speed was decreased in the network.

    whats problem? please help


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      I have a little trouble following

      by mallardtooxx ·

      In reply to There arent any computers In Network Nei

      Can you restate the problem a little more concisely because I am having a hard time following. Sounds like you need to reorganize your objects in novell but I am not sure because I don’t know for sure what you are asking.

      What OS on the servers?How many clients?
      what ver of Windows ?

      those are things that could help here.


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      Reinstall Netware 4.11

      by bhughes1 ·

      In reply to There arent any computers In Network Nei

      I think you may want to check your Netware 4.11 installation on your Win95 systems. Sometimes Netware can screw up necessary net drivers, etc. Because your w2k system sees the win95 systems, I would guess that they are allin the correct domain.

      As for decreased performance, check settings on your ethernet adapters (win95 systems) to make sure they are set on Autodetect (for network mode sensing).

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        are they win95?

        by mallardtooxx ·

        In reply to Reinstall Netware 4.11

        Dungeon master!?! you speak in riddles. how did you come up with win 95 from that and moreover can you do parlor tricks too? Parlor tricks are cool =)


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          Hey Duck

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to are they win95?

          Do you think that this could be one of those trick questions?

          The person who first put it up a few days ago hasn’t replied to any of the postings and most of them ask for more infomation on the system.

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      Something to try

      by jabbar ·

      In reply to There arent any computers In Network Nei

      Are you sure you are in the same workgroup?
      Do you have the same IP class, or “sub-network mask” (sorry for my english, I’m French).
      Do you see lights on your hub, or network cards?

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      rephrase please

      by curious-as-always ·

      In reply to There arent any computers In Network Nei

      Sorry dont get youre question at all
      please be more accurate in youre description
      Describe to us at least in better words:
      youre infrastructure in more detail, what is different now and what doesnt work anymore? Or for that matter what is youre problem exactly?

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      Can you repeat in english?

      by tomsal ·

      In reply to There arent any computers In Network Nei

      Not to sound rude but its exceedingly difficult to understand what you are trying to say.

      You speak in sentence fragments and don’t complete your thoughts.

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        I will be cruel though

        by lordinfidel ·

        In reply to Can you repeat in english?

        But then again, I am just that type of Ass.

        WTF was that!!!!!

        Dear god…. I hope he’s foreign and does not have a strong grasp on the english language so that he has at least some sort of excuse.

        I don’t think the english language has a definition for what that sentence was.

        Please mommy make the bad man stop!

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      From the limited account that you have

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to There arent any computers In Network Nei

      Given in your question and I’m probably wrong here anyway but I think your trying to say that you have Y2K as servers, Windows 9X as workstations and you ar running Novel Netware 4.11. Now the problem appears to be that the Win (X can’t see anythingon the network but the servers can. Am I right so far? What has changed just before this happened?

      But as a starting point I’d try reinstalling the Netware again on all the Workstations and then try seeing what happens.

      AS far as network speed being down I can’t see where this is coming from unless the servers arn’t comunicating with each other in anything but a slow manner. Or is it that the server is only transmitting data slowely to each workstation?

      A lot more detail here would help no end as it would give us a place to start.

      Now as a guess after reinstalling Netware if things don’t start working I’d go looking for some form of infection Virus trogan ect but without more infomation I don’t know where to start.

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