There is a problem with this website's security certificate.

By fayp ·
I am have a problem with security certificates on many of the web pages I visit. I am getting a messege that states "There is a problem with this website's security certificate. Certificate presented has expired or is not yet valid." I have checked and/or changed many setting on my comp. to see if I could resolve the problem to no avail. I have checked the certificates in question and they are in fact not expired and are valid. I have even tried installing the certificate which makes no difference. I am running windows xp home edition and IE7 for my browser this problem seemed to begin after my router went down and I had to connect to the internet directly through my modem. Can anybody help me resolve this problem any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. please keep in mind though that I am not an expert but more of I'd say between a beginer and a novice

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System date correct?

by robo_dev In reply to There is a problem with t ...

I had a laptop with a dead cmos battery. So the certificate with a date of 2000 will seem too new since it's 1980 accrding to my laptop.

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problem with time and date too

by fayp In reply to System date correct?

no the time and date are not correct. for some reason my machine has chosen to stop comunication with the time server no matter which time server I choose. This problem is on my desktop. I will manually update the time and date to see if it will make a difference, though I'm sceptical.

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fixed cert. error Thanks

by fayp In reply to System date correct?

Thank you very much for this bit of help I am truly greatful.

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