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There is no time as the present ...

By vdj1 ·
There is no time as the present to persuade Windows users to switch to Linux.
Windows 7 support is ending little more than a year from now. Some Windows 10 users are getting increasingly annoyed about the constant updates, reboots, flaws and the inability of MS to provide a safe and stable environment. There are a lot of annoyed people out there, that only wait for an alternative to present themselve. Linux can be that alternative, if current Linux experts and users are aware that they should not scare these people away, but embrace them. This could be the opportunity to woe them over, if the linux community presents Linux as a friendly, stable and easy OS.
There is no time as the present.

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... to change our ways.

by vdj1 In reply to There is no time as the p ...

Support for Windows 7 is ending on 14 january 2019. That's a difficult time for a lot of owners of functional Windows 7 machines. Because they have to decide what to do: buy another computer with Windows 10, or continue to use their trusty machines, but in increasingly unsafer circumstances.

We, as Linux users, can point them in a third direction: install Linux, an continue to use their trusted machines with an operating system that will keep them safe. Imagine, millions of people that are in doubt if they should spend their hard-earned cash on a new Windows computer, or spend even more on an Apple, or take the risk and continue another year - or two - using their Windows 7 machines in an ever more hostile and unsupportive world.

It is now very important to make Windows 7 users aware of that possibility. It's also important NOT to scare them away when they ask (stupid) questions. Like Jack Wallen said in his article, it is very important that Linux on the desktop gaines more real 'users'. Not fans, not experts, not fanatics, no zealots, but normal users. People that arent't interested in learning about their OS, tuning it, changing it, but who just want to get their job done, use their computer, and surf the web in a safe way.

Those are the people that will ask silly questions on support forums, but those are also the people that will be the biggest advocates for Linux, once you won them over. Those are the people that don't care about FOSS, but they will appreciate and distribute it, if you help them how to optimise it.

This is the time to do it. This is the last time Microsoft will stop supporting a user operating system so abruptly. From one day to another, millions of machines will become obsolete. There are millions of users and owners of computers that may become interested in Linux as an alternative, if you present it in a nice and gentle way. Next time a NOOB asks a question: answer polite, but not condescending, to the point, but not sarcastic. If he's treated right, he might become a Linux user and, who knows, over time, your biggest bystander.

Think about that.

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change our ways

by abascare In reply to ... to change our ways.

I totally agree with you. Excellent article. So true!

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