there should be some rules for internet

By nathlie ·
There should be some rules on internet

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RE:- we cannot stop anyone of thinking something and posted on internet.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to there should be some rule ...

Why Not?

It's very easy to stop things being posted anywhere, anything that goes against Local Legislation will be removed and that is how it should be and what is the problem with that?

If what you claim was correct why is it not possible to Host a Kiddy Porn Site with Step by Step Directions on how to Groom Children kidnap them rape them and kill them easily?

Why are Whacko Religious Beliefs removed so regularly?

The list goes on and on without much comment by any sensible people who think this is as it should be.

The Internet may cross National Boundaries but it is still owned by companies or at least individual sections of it are and they have a right to remove anything that appears on their equipment just the same as this site has the right to remove anything that they find offensive.

Even if you owned the hardware on which the data was displayed the Government Agencies have every right to step in and seize any hardware that is used for displaying Illegal Material be that Kiddy Porn, Step by Step Directions on how to make a Dirty Bomb to destroy the suburb in which you live or whatever. You can not breach Local Laws and not expect repercussions if you believe you do have a right, go rob a bank and see what happens to you..


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Speach Limitations

by TheChas In reply to there should be some rule ...

Most countries have some limitations on what can and cannot be stated in a public forum.

In the US, you cannot speak out to slander or in a libelous manner. At least not without having evidence to back up the accusations.

Nor, in most countries can you publicize military secrets that would compromise the security and defense of the country.

Further restrictions may apply to hate speech and bullying.

The classic free speech limit is that you cannot yell fire in a crowded room when no fire (or threat) is present.


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Reponse To Answer

by webwidejosh In reply to Speach Limitations

True, you cannot speak out to slander or in a libelous manner. At least WHAT? If you have evidence then it isn't slanderous or libelous.

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Democracy is not Anarchy

by a.portman In reply to there should be some rule ...

Democracy is not, "I can do anything I want." An easy misconception. Free speech has never been, "I can say anything I want." Democracy is the people voting for the rules we all live under. BTW, The United States is a Democratic Republic, Switzerland is a Democracy. In the US, we vote for representatives who decide the laws we all will live by.

Restrictions on post anything: Slander, Child Porn, Stolen work (Intellectual property), Libel

Sorry, I can't really come up with any for post anything other than it is technically feasible.

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e.g. WikiLeaks

by robo_dev In reply to there should be some rule ...

A discussion of that should take up at least two paragraphs.

WikiLeaks has the allegedly noble purpose of exposing government abuses of power,

But it appears that there is a political agenda on Mr. Assange, that is to harm and embarrass the US government and it's allies.

There is also a lack of responsibility in that the names of confidential informants was released, which means the bad guys kill the informant and probably their families.

While something like WikiLeaks can have it's expose bad things done by bad people, there need to be limits, as others may be harmed in the process.

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Freedom of Speech For a Small Fee

by CWOThomas In reply to there should be some rule ...

Anyone with access to the internet can post anything they desire, however, with that access comes responsibility. This is usually in the Terms of Service agreement between the user and their employer, Internet Service Provider (ISP) or business (such as Wi-Fi hot spots). By agreeing to these terms, the user is accepting responsibility for their activity on the internet. Should the user violate these terms, they're likely to face legal actions from the point of entry.

Posting the most despicable material (e.g. child porn), will definitely result in severe punishment when caught. However, the punishment for copyright infringement can be anything from a take-down notice to hefty fines and or prison (see the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)). And then there are postings where the ISP will step in and automatically remove or demand that you remove it on your own. The key point to remember is that the user is responsible for the material they post.

In closing the answer to your question is this; restrictions are already in place of what can be posted on the internet.

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