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there ya go tying yourself to brand-names

By gmichaels ·
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IT Compensation, Hiring, and Job Expectations

by gmichaels In reply to there ya go tying yoursel ...

Within the post by "Professor8" on 1/20/2011 @ 1:27pm he said, "The whole "skills become stale after 2 months or 2 years" mantra is bogus." This is the latest filtering thing being done to eliminate skilled workers from jobs. I have been disqualified from jobs that I applied to simply on the basis that I didn't have experience "in the last year." Unless we are talking about something that is technologically changing rapidly, such as mobile web programming, that just doesn't make sense to me. One example (which will date me, I'm sure) is mainframe programming. I did this from 1986 - 2001, and I could do it now. When you work with something for 15 years, do you forget how to do it? COBOL is still COBOL; JCL is still JCL. I checked IBM's z/OS website to see what has changed lately in the mainframe world, and other than easier interaction with the Web, it's still the same. 12 years ago, we had to upload / download data between mainframes, servers, and the web. Now, it's a lot easier to do. But I can still program code, but can't find employment in the mainframe arena. I currently work on database design, inventory control, web site updates, security, and PC/network maintenance for the small company I work at, but wouldn't mind finishing off my IT career working with the technology that isn't constantly changing on a monthly basis.

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This is a response to a post in an article discussion?

by seanferd In reply to there ya go tying yoursel ...

You should probably post it as a reply in that thread.

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He took it to the water cooler...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to This is a response to a p ...

Click the title link (the one with "there ya go")... you'll be taken to the forkoff point.

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Uh -- I couldn't reply --

by gmichaels In reply to there ya go tying yoursel ...

Maybe I would have "replied" to the article if the new version of TR would have let me! The reply button was gone, and in its place was "take offline." Lots of weird changes with the new interface. I didn't know what the "offline" was, so I tried it. This reply is for seanferd.

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That was the equivalent

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Uh -- I couldn't reply --

of the old 3-level posting at work, I think. You probably needed to scroll up to an earlier post, a level above that, to get a 'Reply' button.

The biggest problem I see right now with the comments structure as it is...

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Yeah, you just need to take it up a level.

by seanferd In reply to Uh -- I couldn't reply --

Too bad the number of available branches bottoms out so quickly.

Anyway, I meant to point you back there so you would be part of the active discussion, not to have a jab at you.

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