Thesis Topic

By ishtine18 ·
Good day! im a third year computer science student and we currently having a thesis proposal. we need to propose three topics.

i just want to ask if you have any idea of a good thesis topics.

An expert system will be good but i don't have any idea of a topic!

we have one topic which is First Aid: A Medical guide Expert System. a user will input some symptoms that she feels like headache then the system will analyze what are the disease or injuries that has a symptom like headache until the system will arrive to the real illness of the user and it will give it's first aid or what to do to heal it...or treatments..

but we still lack 2 topics so please can you suggest thesis topics? thank you very much! :)

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Thesis Topic

by PoppaTab In reply to Thesis Topic
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Thesis Topic

by ishtine18 In reply to Thesis Topic

hi! i've already did that! but still i can't choose a thesis topic! i badly need it! hopefully you can suggest a topic thank you very much!

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Thesis Topic

by chesapeakebay55 In reply to Thesis Topic

Expert System Decision Tree display for Time Critical Response to Emergency Conditions. Sound similar to your First Aid? Find an expert and enlist his input on Power Generation Plant Emergent Operation Issues/ Boiler/Core Melt-down scenarios.

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