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    Thesis Topics


    by alokie ·

    Hello all,

    I am struggling to come up with a Thesis topic that is not boring. I am graduating with a degree in IT management and I am interested in project management. Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated.

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      by santeewelding ·

      In reply to Thesis Topics


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        by alokie ·

        In reply to “Any”?

        Any topic will work, but I just do not want to the same old topics that have been discussed over and over again.

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          Kick back

          by santeewelding ·

          In reply to Any…

          Shouldn’t be too long…

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      This would catch your professor’s attention

      by notsochiguy ·

      In reply to Thesis Topics

      Whether that is good is a different matter.

      “The Implications of Emerging 3D Technologies for the Online Adult Entertainment Industry”

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        by alokie ·

        In reply to This would catch your professor’s attention

        Since I go to a Jesuit school, I don’t think my professors would approve this.

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          The p0rn industy

          by boxfiddler ·

          In reply to Jesuit

          has been at the forefront of any number of Internet technologies, not least of which is online shopping. It could be quite interesting to explore this kind of thing from a Judeo-Christian morality perspective. Look at the variety of parental-control software out there, for example.

          Start with the technology and who pioneered it. Tie it all up with a variety of ethical concerns expressed by many. Ask why the p0rn industry has been leading the way in Internet technology for so long. Ask why the church can’t seem to do the same.

          Lotsa ways to tie morality to the Internet. Lotsa.

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          I completely agree

          by nexs ·

          In reply to The p0rn industy

          What started the “Use your credit card online” thing? What would be one thing certain people would spend money on from the ‘comfort’ of their own home regardless of how insecure it might have been to begin with.
          It definitely sounds like a great topic to explore. Your professors would be very immature to disregard this topic as it is very real and started a breakthrough.

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      by ron k. ·

      In reply to Thesis Topics

      You could write a thesis on people who ask what topic they need to write their thesis on.
      There seems to be one every week or so. I always think that if you have to ask you’re probably in the wrong field.

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        by alokie ·

        In reply to Hmmm.

        Thank you Ron for your comment and concern.

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          Well it’s true.

          by ron k. ·

          In reply to

          Stick around TR for awhile and you’ll see how often it happens. People act as if we’re all here to do their homework for them. I’m not, maybe others are but not me. I find it all rather humorous. Sue me.

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          With that

          by santeewelding ·

          In reply to

          You confirm constitutional ennui and, like the nose on your face, you alone can’t see it.

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          by boxfiddler ·

          In reply to With that

          can see the nose on my face (without looking in a mirror).
          Does that mean it’s too big? :0 :^0

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          I had intended

          by santeewelding ·

          In reply to I

          To use, “crack of your ass”, but thought better of it, notwithstanding where all the nonsense comes from.

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