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Could anyone help me on finding a thesis topic in computer science? I don't know what topic to research on. I want a topic that could be finished within 4-5 months.I'm an undergraduate student.

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Check this out

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There's a few routes you could go. You could do something very specific and go into a lot of detail or something more broad and only survey it. Both will help you learn, but in different ways. The survey approach will help you understand the big picture better and the detailed one will help you gain knowledge to actually do something. Both are critical in being successful in the field.

My suggestions are going to be more from a Network Administration standpoint. Your best bet would be to go something that you find interesting or target something you want to work with in the field.

Here's a few:
Virtualization/Cloud Computing: This is a hot topic now. You could approach this from a variety of angles. You could take it from the perspective of a business wishing to virtualize their environment or from the topic of cloud computing in general. Or you could handle it as just the idea of virtualization.

I did a number of papers when I was in school (it's kinda what you do). Here are some of the things I did.

Sever/Network Room Cooling: Different methods on cooling a networking/server closet. I think I did about 15 pages on this.

RFID Technology: I think this one was a 6 pager but it was a basic survey. You could easily do a thesis on this.

Technological Issues in Rural Schools: Discuss the different struggles that rural schools have with integrating technology into education and address them with solutions.

This is what comes to mind off the top of my head. There are tons of topics you could chose.

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