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They call me a Network Administrator, but what am I really?

By clindell ·
As the title states I am a Network Administrator at a job where I am on a contract and could go perm soon. I feel the offer is low at 50K in northern California and the north bay and the demands are extremely high and stressful, how much should I expect to make?

I am a one man IT shop for a small company and do EVERYTHING, not just computers and servers, but handle leases of all hardware and copiers and printers the installation and return of leased equipment as well as handle the phone switch (PBX) and voice mail system. Let?s not forget the Cisco VPN concentrator, Cash register systems, purchasing, I review billing on any IT related expense, Cell phones and the 24/7 on call phone support to the remote sales staff or the owners if needed.

Manage LAN/WAN, Windows NT and 2000 Servers, Window 2000 pro and XP pro workstations
Manage Company PBX phone switch and voice mail system
Exchange 2000 Email server with secure Outlook Web Access
Windows 2000 Active Directory administration
Cisco VPN Management
Help desk services for local employees and remote Sales staff and on call as needed
Company website management
Manage company software and licensing
Hardware and software purchasing upgrades and rollouts
Training of employees on new systems
Manage multipurpose copiers, printers and fax machines
Manage leasing of computer systems and multipurpose copiers
Manage all data, phone lines, IT contracts and billing
Manage all Cellular phone services and billing
Manage and maintain company tape data backup system
Advisor to Owners and COO for all data and IT needs

What am I ?



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The same as most of us

by ohwell In reply to They call me a Network Ad ...

Unfortunately in this technical enlightened age, any company that employs less than 100 staff palm anything from web development to changing lightbulbs on the IT poeple I know. 50K may be low in CA but for most of us in England & Europe thats good money

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Good money

by Oz_Media In reply to The same as most of us

I have actually been turning down opportunities in England myself due to lack of cash but when you do the conversion, it's not that bad. I know 50,000 pound would be nice but I think we are talking US dollars here, not quite the same thing.

From what I've seen, jobs I've looked into around London, St.Albans area, 24,000 - 40,000 pound looks about average, in USD that's some good change.

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Good money all relative

by dragnob In reply to Good money

You can only look at the conversion rates so far. Having lived in the US until '98, then London until 2002 and now in Australia, I can say with certainty that a Pound Sterling is to a Brit what a Dollar is to an American or Australian. They may earn 50,000 GBP, but their petrol is still (or was) around 1 GBP a litre. My annual Tube pass for about 17km was around 1,200 GBP, here in Brisbane a annual rail pass for about the same distance it's A$1,150. Any other shopping comparisons and I would have to ask my wife. All I know is it seemed expensive when we first arrived because we were always doing the exchange rate comparison. Then we realized that 1 = 1 = 1.

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Petrol (gasoline) in the USA is about half that price.

by DC_GUY In reply to Good money all relative

In most of the country it's a little over US$2.00 per gallon, which is about 0.55 per liter. That's why so many of our people can afford to drive farm trucks disguised as station wagons for Klingons.

When and if US petroleum prices rise to the world norm, you're going to see SUVs abandoned along the roadways like Trabants in East Germany the day after the Berlin Wall fell.

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Your Job Title...

by jbchiong In reply to Good money all relative
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Infra Manager

by msingh300973 In reply to Your Job Title...

I do same as you do in our company as a Infra Manager, & time to time Project Leader for different projects. Currently I am a Support Leader for, Earlier I was support leader for CAD systems, then BARCODE system like this ....many more.

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Who am I?

by MTruong In reply to Good money all relative

You are what we called down here in OH: Misc/Etc Administrator. They load you up with the whole bunch of responsibilities for a peanut especially in CA. You worth more than what you are being paid right now. Based on your described reponsibilities, I would say you should be paid around 80-90K especially in CA where the living expenses are high. Maybe you should try to test the market on your free time and see what you find. Who know! you might find something better. Good luck

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yup, that sounds about right

by coldbrew In reply to The same as most of us

I did most of what you say your job description is. I am also doing it at my other job along with maintnance and what ever else they come up with. And I make a whoping 25K a year. As of present I am looking for another career b/c I am burnt out and I think the job is overrated. Do what you can and move on if you are not happy.

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If its got electricity running through it, i fix it!!

by Chicharelli In reply to The same as most of us

im in the same boat my company thinks that if its got electricity running through it that i am the man for thr job, also if somthing heavy needs to be lifted thats my job as well!!!

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What other employee do

by indra In reply to If its got electricity ru ...

I think if i'm not working in my company right now ,
other people maybe still using snail mail , type with typwriter , and maybe using two can with snare to talk with others.....

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