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They closed the city I live in, oh no... I'm out of bread and milk...

By DanLM ·
What am I going to do?

If your unfamiluar with my area of the world, we are getting a bit of snow... Toney and seinfeld are also...

Wish I had speakers for my computer, Id have a jam fest today.

Ok, things to do.
1). Read, no... I finished my book last night. Might have a book burried someplace I haven't read.
2). Have a jam fest. Well, no speakers.. I can only handle headphones so long.
3). Work on a security image cgi for a contact page... Maybe, but I've procastonated this long... Whats a little longer.
4). Watch cartoons... Hmmm, this may be a winner now.
5). Yack on irc. Given
6). Clean the fish tank and start to set up the new one... I just cleaned the small tank, I'm afraid of shocking the fish... I think this is on the back burner.
7). laundry, what will I do tomorrow then?

Chuckle, I think cartoons and irc are at the top of my 'to do' lists. Can you say 48 going on 12? **** yea.


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Internet as informal **1 <nt>

by santeewelding In reply to They closed the city I li ...
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WOW! You guys must get it bad weather wise as much

by JCitizen In reply to They closed the city I li ...

as we do here. Last February we went without power for two weeks so IRC and cartoons were out.

Fortunately the DSL came back on after about three days; so I was surfing in the dark until my laptop batteries and UPS died.

Even the sunlight couldn't get past the icedam I had on the north windows.

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Actually its not the cold

by JamesRL In reply to WOW! You guys must get it ...

Its the ice storms that hurt us. They take down power lines . When its really cold we don't get as much snow.

The storm of 1998 was really something.

Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa all set all time snow records this year, I know Ottawa got over 420 CM this season.


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jc, it was just they couldnt keep up with the snow

by DanLM In reply to WOW! You guys must get it ...

It wasnt really cold, just snowing like a bear... So, they just shut down the city till it was done.

Also, it's towards the end of the season and there are alot of communities running out of treatment chemicals for the highways... Which made it another consideration for shutting down the city.


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It was snow and ice both for us.

by JCitizen In reply to jc, it was just they coul ...

And now I know why the eskimoes had 18 words for different kinds of snow and ice; it was weird!

One layer might be 6" thick and look like snow but was actually solid ice with bubbles in it and was impervious to a pick ax.

And then youd see a layer 1' thick of what looked like blue ice of some kind that was actually snow and there would be layers of water trapped in between.. It flat drowned the crops because the water couldn't get to the ground to soke in like usual.

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It's like that over here ...

by Bizzo In reply to They closed the city I li ...

... in the UK. When it snows they close things down. Sometimes the snow can be at least one inch deep before they start to close roads and rail stations.

Enjoy your cartoons.

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Contemplate this: The great French toast conspiracy!

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to They closed the city I li ...

Obviously, there is a conspiracy among the dairy, poultry and grain industries subliminally directing people to buy milk, bread and eggs in the period around snowstorms.

It can mean only one thing....

They are all making french toast!

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