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They couldn't care less

By itadmin ·
I've been on Linux for years. At work I have to use Windows, but at home I only boot into XP when doing Access work for somebody or to remote desktop into a computer far away to fix their database problems. So, I prefer Linux far and away above Windows. I use Debian Lenny 64 bit on an AMD processor. It doesn't tell me what to do with stupid pop-up windows going off all the time. I know how to disable some of them.

One reason Linux didn't take hold is that more than 90% of computer users couldn't care less about computers. The majority have never seen a Linux desktop GUI, like Gnome or KDE. Neither have most salesmen at most stores selling computers. I work with these people. To tell the truth, I don't want most of them on Linux, they'd contaminate it. They are Windows monkeys who should stick to Windows, which most of them couldn't care less about either.

I've told some small computer stores where people know Linux to put together a small business package with Open Office, GnuCash, a database and what most small businesses need. The software savings compared to Windows is several thousands. They don't want to. Everybody knows about Windows and that's all they want. And in any case, end users steal most Windows applications anyway. So, cost is not a factor. I still have to hear about anyone caught and fined for pirating software.

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You must be

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to They couldn't care less

kin to one of those carnivorous plants with the stinky flowers.

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Bad Boxy

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to You must be

I'll have you know that Nepenthes have lovely flowers. that get pollinated quite well by ants so they are ideally adapted to Continue the species.

You just do not grow them for the smell though. :0


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Caught and Fined:

by Oz_Media In reply to They couldn't care less

Microsoft: Caught and Fined
Microsoft was found guilty of software piracy last year by a French court, according to facts unearthed today by the geek community.

But the Redmond giant's conviction and three million franc (?285,000) fine somehow managed to escape the headlines.


"Windows admin tool developer PointDev says a Sony BMG was caught when an IT staffer actually called up for support and gave a pirated license number to the phone tech. That's some pretty shady behavior for a company that's rammed anti-piracy measures down its own customers' throats -- too bad it's probably not going to feel the hit of the ?300,000 ($475,000) lawsuit nearly as hard as the college students it routinely sues for $5,000."

Four men fined for piracy:

"CHINA: Four men have been jailed for selling pirate versions of Microsoft software - along with fines worth almost ?1.25million.
They had been providing free copies of Microsoft Windows XP and other programmes to an estimated 10million people, on a website called Tomato Garden."

Woman fined for sharng Pinball
"A woman has been tracked down by an american firm for making its pinball game "available for file-sharers". A guilty verdict and a ?16,000 fine later and she wishes that she had paid for that bloody ?26 game."

well at leat you can't say yuo haven't heard of anyone caught or fined for pirating software. As for your proLinux rant, I am sorry to hear that your preference is not a market leader. All these "Windows monkeys" really threw a wrench into the gears for you didn't they. There you were hoping a more obscure platform would or in your eyes SHOULD dominate teh market, but people still chose to use Windows due to popularity and compatibility with other companies and markets than any other OS.

Sux, don't it? But hey, at least you didn't invest millions only to be beat out by a competitor, it's just your personal preference not being as popular as you'd like it to be, in your case.

Look on the bright side, if 'nix was actually as popular as Microsoft, it would also be the most exploited and bug ridden software around due to a lack of standardization and proprietary updating.

This way you can seem cool to your computer buddies, you cn pretend you know better than all the "Windows monkeys" who use what their marketplace demands, you can pretend you are more computer savvy on forums like this one and you can STILL have yoru software for free, withotu stealing it like all those other NASTY people do.

If Windows is such crap, and it's for monkey's, who the **** cares who uses unlicenced versions?

Do you think Linux would have ANY chance if they charged for all their software?
It would be "WHO-nix?"

You sound bitter that the world didn't follow your ever so clever lead and yet you dismiss the same people as if they are below you.

But I must admit, you are very right about one thing, I couldn't care less.

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Don't forget Microsoft's openly tolerating of piracy in China

by HypnoToad72 In reply to Caught and Fined:

China has its problems, as does America. Neither's problems pale by comparison...

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RE: caught and fined for pirating software.

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to They couldn't care less

Obviously not a M$ Partner then are we?

If you where you would get regular Enforcement Alerts from M$ telling everyone who will listen who that have caught this time Pirating their Software and the Penalties that they have extracted. First offenses start off with an Agreement to pay M$ .25 of a Million as well as Legal Fees and that is to settle out of Court. I'm sure that if push comes to shove M$ Legal Department is more than willing to walk into the Courts to get Relief from this type of thing but those who M$ Catches appear not to want to risk the Courts.

They list the Company Name & Address as well as the Principals Name & Address to deter others from what they see as Unhelpful Actions against M$ Australia. It's easy to never see any thing like that if you never look for it.


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I wonder...

by OnTheRopes In reply to They couldn't care less

"<i>I've told some small computer stores where people know Linux to put together a small business package with Open Office, GnuCash, a database and what most small businesses need. The software savings compared to Windows is several thousands. They don't want to.</i>" <br>
They don't want to. If YOU think there's a market for it why don't YOU put together a package for business?

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Here's a shocker.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to They couldn't care less

"...users couldn't care less about computers. ... They are Windows monkeys..."

It may come as a complete surprise, but not caring about computers doesn't equate to being a monkey. It equates to having different priorities. It probably comes as a shock, but there are other things in life besides computer operating systems.

Incidentally, someone who can't append a post to the original topic doesn't have much room to call others 'monkeys'.

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Here's a shocker.
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by CharlieSpencer In reply to No!
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Final word

by itadmin In reply to They couldn't care less

I actually know both Windows and Linux, unlike some. Even my wife, coming from her Windows system at home to my Debian, says my system is nicer. She is a teacher and of course they use Windows at school. She is, to put it mildly, technically challenged. She teaches languages.

Beyond that, it is below me to respond to Windows monkeys. Especially those who are linguistically challenged, as well. People, please - spelling and grammar. You are not a credit to Microsoft. As English is not my first language, all you native English speakers should be at least be on my level of English.

You asked for it.

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