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They finally got Whitey Bulger!

By cmiller5400 ·
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Found him hiding in Santa Monica, CA

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Of course the guy is 81

by robo_dev In reply to They finally got Whitey B ...

and he will be put in Federal prison for the rest of his days, or about four years, whichever comes first. I would assume he would be treated very well by other prisoners who happen to be part of the same 'family'.

Not to second guess his actions, but if you're on the FBI most wanted list, perhaps California is not the best place to hide? I would go for some fishing village somewhere in the Amazon rain forest, or at least someplace like Novia Scotia.

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A remote island...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Of course the guy is 81

Like Tahiti

More likely he will die before he goes to trial... I didn't recall seeing if he was tried in absentia

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Have you been to Nova Scotia?

by JamesRL In reply to They finally got Whitey B ...

My experience with the Maritimes is that they are a friendly bunch, and they don't take to unfriendly strangers.

My first day in Prince Edward Island, we went to the grocery store to stock up on food for a stay at a cottage. Went to a store in the same chain we shop with at home. At home, when we grocery shop, the cashier says "hello", and "have a nice day" because that is in the training manual. Out east, its , "how are ya doin today?" and they don't stop chatting. Before we finished paying, they knew where we were staying, they had told the other cashier about us, they had recommended their favorite restaurants etc.

I think if we hadn't been so open and friendly back, we might have made an impression and been noticed.

Growing up in the country, I knew the names of everyone in 5 miles, I knew what they did for a living, often which church they went to, how their kids did in school etc. Anonymous, couldn't be out there. One of my neighbours would peek through the windows with binoculars.

On the other hand, living in the big city, there were times I didn't know my next door neighbours.

Ask Darryl and Purple Sky about living in Nova Scotia ......

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Yeah, so if the guy is a smart crook

by robo_dev In reply to Have you been to Nova Sco ...

He basically makes up a load of rubbish to tell the locals, and as long as he does not act like a mob boss who is on the run, they will not suspect he's just that.

It sounds a bit like a plot for a movie....he does some good deeds and saves the quaint small town from certain disaster, they all love him and then his past comes to haunt him.

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Having grown up in the country

by JamesRL In reply to Yeah, so if the guy is a ...

He could make up a story and it might be believed for a while, but if he doesn't make an effort to bond with the community, he will be singled out. The gossips will chatter, his story will be reviewed.

An opera star moved into the house across the road when I grew up. They were fine people, he was on the road alot, his wife and kids basically kept to themselves and didn't participate in the community events. Sadly some of the neighbours came to the conclusion they were snobs and looking down their noses at us. They ended up moving a few years later.

A few years after that, I ended up taking singing lessons from the wife, and she was very charming. She was too polite to mention the issues they faced.

I think there is something to be said for hiding in the anonymity of the big city.

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The village gossip...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Yeah, so if the guy is a ...

aka Miss Marple... don't go there, if you're a crook.
Love a good secret, they do.

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You know...

by jck In reply to They finally got Whitey B ...

I read the title of this article, and thought law enforcement had caught some male, caucasian porn adult film actor. :^0

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I thought I was the only one who never heard of the guy,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to You know...

But I don't share the common obsession with organized crime.

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"the" common obsession

by santeewelding In reply to I thought I was the only ...

You suffer what I comment about my suffering, elsewhere: indiscriminate use of the definite article, "the".

Example: I did a fair amount of my coming of age at the time in "Southie", Bulger's part of Boston. I encountered these people. An older childhood friend, proud of his "Six-button Benny", "like what they wear", disappeared on account of them. I never heard of the guy, either, until now, in the news. Probably frequented San Diego, too.

Point being, which kind of "common obsession" do you (sniff) disassociate yourself from? My kind of engagement? Your kind? Take up the cudgel, and you share.

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At a guess, and knowing Palmetto as I do...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to "the" common ob ...

(that is, hardly at all, him being a prudent, careful fellow)
I'd wager that he refers to "gangster romanticism"... like what led your acquaintance to the Six-button Benny.

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