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Thin Client Network Licenses

By piermattia.avesani ·
I'm thinking to set up a thinclient network,
but I'm a lot confused about how many licenses I will buy. On the net the informations are confused.
For example, this should be my situation:

50 device that has to run office 2003 and a lot of other little programs

So I will need a server (or more) where:
-store the big number of mails and document of each device
-install each program I want the device be able to run

I will need Terminal Server 2003 to run on Windows Server 2003 and Office 2003.
I will need:
-a CAL for each device connected to WinServer2003
-a CAL for each device connected to Terminal Server 2003
-a CAL for each device connected to Office 2003 (??)
-a CAL for basically each program I will install on the server. (??)

So, do I need a license for each program I want the ThinClients use? Or, I need to install Office on the server, and the CAL for Terminal Server is enaugh also for Office (and all the other third party programs) ??

If I need a license for Office 2003 for each thin client, these licenses are normal licenses or lighter one?

Thank you very much for the support,


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