thin client running XP embedded?

By basspornstar ·
My company is experimenting with the wyse s90 thin client as a way to improve performance over our more traditional thin clients. These s90's have XP embedded loaded on them and have EWF, a write filter that basically erases all local user data each time they are shut down.

I can configure programs to save documents to a server but how do I save the user's desktop folder without using roaming profiles? Does anyone have any experience on how these are deployed in a real world situation? Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Are the clients

by XT John In reply to thin client running XP em ...

connecting to the servers using Microsoft's Terminal Services? I'm not sure how the WYSE terminals gain access to your servers, etc. but if they have a Windows domain profile you can set up all of our remote users to save their profile information on the servers. We took it a step further and have the profiles replicating using DFS. I can give you more detail if you need....

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thin clients don't use terminal services

by basspornstar In reply to Are the clients

The thin clients are not connecting via terminal services and we do have a windows domain. The main reason we are giving these new ones a try is that currently our thin client users RDP to a desktop server and must RDP again from there to an app server to use anything.

We figure having XP embedded on the thin client at least provides the desktop and Internet Explorer locally and could speed things up a little. My initial thought was that bringing the profiles down to the thin clients might negate any time saved by having the desktop and IE local. I am open to any ideas and would like to hear more about the DFS profile replication you were mentioning. Thanks for the reply.

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A solution

by avargas In reply to thin clients don't use te ...

for your issue. There is a much cleaner way to accomplish what you are trying to do. Give me a call and I would be happy to tell you what you need to do in order to simplify your deployment. (20 250-4649. I am a local (Nampa, ID) technology professional with extensive experience in Citrix and Terminal Services environments and would be happy to offer some advice.

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Prevent the Write Filter from erasing the local user data

by cfc In reply to thin client running XP em ...

Save text below as a reg file

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Next login as Admin on the thin client and run the reg file.

Next go to C:\Windows\System32 folder
find NetXClean.ini and modify the following (See below)with the user whose profile you want saved, you can add more than one user, then save the modified NetXClean.ini
Logoff as admin and login as a user, the User Profile should be saved in the C:\Documents and Settings Folder.

;Add line

; Change "username to userlogon"

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