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Thin Client Technology

By Samuel C. ·
Are you using Thin Clients? I hear that the Market has Grown lately.
A few years ago Sun Oracle IBM tried to promote
Network Computer Technology. At That time Microsoft was Against.

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Use of thin clients

by thomasa In reply to Thin Client Technology

We currently have approximately 60 Compaq thin client in place running off of two terminal servers. This has obviously eliminated the need for purchasing desktop computers for users who are only running MS Office or, in most of our applications, a terminal session. This also has freed our technicians up to work on other tasks instead performing routine maintenance on desktop units.

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Terminal Server

by nchristopher In reply to Use of thin clients

When I started at my present company about 2 years ago, we had only about 25 PC's in the whole company and about 50 dumb terminals with our AS/400. I switched everyone to Pc's and added some, we now have over 125 pc's. Recently we started using TS for our time and attendance app and I love it. As our Pc's begin to agein the next few years, I will consider switching everything over to this environment.

When I first looked at it, I didn't think it was cost justified, but what I have discovered is that it is definatley time justified. Fixing and chasing PC problems eats up a lot of our time. There are only 2 of us in our dept these PC's are spread out over 5 different locations within 120 mile radius.

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What about Other Thin Client Networks and Linux

by Samuel C. In reply to Terminal Server

I have found on Techrepublic many description stories with Microsoft Citrix
Thin Clients. What about Novell, Now with Suse Linux. and/or Linux Clients or Servers?
My Guess is that a Thin Client should be:
a) Safe, b) Not Thin on CPU and Memory, c) Open to all Technologies, but First Web Based.

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by Roger99a In reply to What about Other Thin Cli ...

Look up Thinstation on It's a Linux client for Windows/Citrix and maybe others. Its works well in the tests I have conducted using the Via Epia motherboards. All you need is the MB, case and 32mb RAM, costs about $170.

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by Samuel C. In reply to Thinstation

Thanks Roger, Have you heard of the Symbiont?
at for Linux Thin Clients.

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White paper on consolidating IT

by Mark W. Kaelin Editor In reply to Thin Client Technology

Learn how consolidating your IT environment within a Linux environment can help to provide flexibility, scalability and cost savings while helping your organization overcome obstacles to yield lasting infrastructure improvements. According to this Hewlett-Packard white paper, in building for the future, standing alone or mixed with other operating systems, Linux architecture is a solid foundation for building an adaptive enterprise.

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Thin Clients and virtualization?

by Samuel C. In reply to White paper on consolidat ...

Tell of your experiences, Please.

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