Thin Clients Implementation

By otimenya ·
I am currently researching on the implementation of thin clients, as opposed to the use of single PCs for an organization, due to cost benefits. Would someone kindly give me the resource for tutorial, or simply tell me all the requirements for implementing a solution based on network computers (also known as thin clients) as well as the step by step procedure of implementing the same successfully. It can be based on Windows, Linux or any other solution available in the market.

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You don't want a lot do you?

by cmiller5400 In reply to Thin Clients Implementati ...

Sheesh people are getting seriously lazy now a days.

Look at Citrix-->
Look at Wyse-->

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It is a lot more involved that just replacing the Workstations`

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thin Clients Implementati ...

With Thin Clients because Thin Clients do not have any HDD and limited Computing Power and make use of the network so things need to be upgraded so starting with the server this needs to be powerful enough to provide the required Data to the Workstations and host the Applications that the workstations are required to run. If you are using M$ Software this involves implementing Terminal Services and buoying the required Licenses.

Not only do you need the Processing Power but as the sever does it all you need the storage space as well.

Then because everything is done over the Network you need the fastest Network Available so that generally means Gigabit Speeds and depending on just how many Workstations are involved it may require more than 1 Server to be deployed.


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