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By desireemm1 ·
Hello we are moving our offices into one big office and my boss doesnt want to buy more computers she wants us to work with Thin Clients. She just wants a Keyboard, mouse and Monitor and thats it. I dont know allot about this kind of setup. She is trying to keep the IT cost down, does anyone know anything about this kind of a network??

Is it slow or cost effective. Will it work with SQL Server 2005 and Reporting Services??? do we need to change the way users log onto the database?? .

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Back when PCs cost a fortune

by robo_dev In reply to Thin Clients Network

Thin clients were all the rage.

For an environment like a hospital or a rental-car counter, where there are typically locked-down computers where users cannot add applications, thin clients are ideal. Or, if it's a company with 1,000 workstations, the centralized control and support of virtual clients will really save money and time.

If the environment is a small number of users, it does not make sense. The problem is that in order to have fast and reliable thin-client or virtual machines, you need both a high-performance server to host it ($$) and you also need a fast reliable network (e.g. Cisco Gigabit switches) $$$. in this example the clients may only cost you $500 each versus $800 for a PC, but you have spent another $5000 on the network and $5000 on the server....thus there is no cost savings.

AND, the first time the boss wants to install a new app or listen to her music CD on the workstation, the answer is "you cannot get there from here"

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Administration costs are lower

by edcoyle In reply to Thin Clients Network

Admin cost are lower by administring one instance of an operating system and distributing it to all thin clients, also all users are backed up at the server.

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Cost of USFF PC < High Performance TC

by vbooker In reply to Thin Clients Network

A high performance thin client is going to cost you the same amount OR MORE as ultra small form factor PC. If you opt for thin client's with embedded OS, you will be at the mercy of the proprietary management software. Instead consider creating a master image using Altiris or some other deployment solution and pushing the same image to the new work stations. Since the server administration and hardware costs are inevitable, you should pursue an option that adds a little flexibility for the future. With thin clients, there is VERY little flexibility.

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Reponse To Answer

by robo_dev In reply to Cost of USFF PC < High Pe ...

Indeed. As I mentioned in my post above, the cost advantage or disadvantage of thin client has everything to do with the number of clients and the applications involved.

In this case if the boss does not know anything about thin clients, get her a 'NetTop PC' that is attached to the back of the monitor.

Even with a thin client, you need some cannot just put USB and video ports on the wall of her office.

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Everyones Response

by desireemm1 In reply to Thin Clients Network

Thank you so much for the advice everyone helped allot

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