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Thin Clients / PCI Cards/ W/L Network

By swatisonee ·
Here's the situ. I have a small office.

a. I have 6 computers - 1 server, 4 desktops, 1 laptop with inbuilt wireless.
b. I have internet thru cable modem.
c. The server(win2003 serveros TS) is connected to the internet cable and internet connection is shared thru a wireless router which has only 1 wan/lan port (that rj-45 thing)
d. My desktops all have w/lan pci cards but they are horribly old and I have to replace them.
e. I have decided to put in thin clients instead.
f. The thin client (Wyse 1125 le) that I am looking it doesnt take in the pci card and attempts to load the drivers in the model that has the option of pci cards have failed.
g. Since I have a spare dlink router, I planned for the 2 routers to wireless connect to each other and then have 4 thin clients connect to the dlink router thru patch cords.
h. Problem is how do I get the the dlink router to 'recognise' the original one that is connected to the internet ?
i. In network places on the server, do I have to make a new connection ? If so what type ? (vpn, set up an advanced connection ?)I tried all of them on my own but the 1st router is just not recognising the 2nd one.

Heres a line diagram of what I want to achieve :

Internet thru Cable-----Server----1Lan port W/L Router-----W/L Hub2 with lan ports connecting upto 4 Wyse1125SEClients

Possible ?

Any and all advise welcome !


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