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thinBasic script language

By eros.olmi ·
Hi all. My name is Eros and I'm author of a new scripting engine called thinBasic.

It is a free interpreter with a lot of functionalities (more than 800 predefined keywords), full data types (all numeric types, all string types, structures), functions/subs, parameters passed byref or byval, arrays, very fast interpreting execution, easy Basic syntax, much more.

Main target is automation. Creating scripts to perform repetitive tasks. But it can be used to create full Gui, Console or OpenGl applications ready to be executed on the fly. No compilation, no intermediate code, just pure immediate interpreting.

If someone is interested, here some reference:
web site:
online help:
list of changes:

As you may see from our list of changes, we update thinBasic quite frequently adding new functionalities and quick fixing any reported bugs.

We use 2 lines o development: stable and preview.
Stable line is a thinBasic version that has intensively tested by thinBasic team, by automatic scripts and by some users. If no evident bugs, after some time (about 1 month) we release it as stable.
Preview line is the ongoing development. Every time we fix a bug of add new functionalities or make interesting changes, we release thinBasic as preview version. In this way everyone can immediately test, try, use new functionalities without waiting too long. We are very transparent on this. Preview updates are quite frequent.

Hope thinBasic can be useful to someone.

Eros Olmi

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