Thinclient - is it right for me?

By cbolourchi ·

I work for a POS company. We have a couple hundred retail pcs (xp boxes) located across the country which interact with 1 centrally located server (linux) in AZ. My boss is looking in the direction of thinclient to lower costs, and I'm left wondering where would I even begin to find out if this is feasible.

I understand the general idea of a thinclient. Most of the computing is done on a server over a network to allow for use of outdated clients. But I have questions like will it work over the internet, with one server when clients are using dsl? What would I need to change? Can it work under a windows-linux relationship?

Any help/comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Thin or outdated clients

by JamesRL In reply to Thinclient - is it right ...

A thin client computer is a computer that typically is designed to run a thin client software (remote desktop protocol/citrix client etc). The benefit of this is that the application is run on a central server, and software updates have no impact on thin clients - do it all on the server. The thin client typcially has a locked OS on a flash device, no HD, no OS updates needed, no viruses, no floppy drives, CDs etc.

Of course the challenge is that if the server goes down or the internet goes down, without a local app, no one can do anything.

The alternative is to use existing PCs and the RDP client already on them - the down side to that is these devices may only need the thin client to run, but they have an OS that requires updates, HD that fail etc.

Do you lock down the retail PCs? If they still have the ability to run IE for example, you still have threats to the local PC. If you can lock them down totally, you can save $$ on not buying thin clients.

The other thing to note is printing. Thin clients printing through an RDP session talk to a print queue on the server which ends up back at the retail site - lots of traffic, and issues around bandwidth.

It can work, need to know more about your scenario.


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Shedding a little light

by cbolourchi In reply to Thin or outdated clients

Thanks for your reply, JamesRL. I've got a better idea of it now.

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