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    Things About Vista That Still Suck


    by awolfe ·

    This InformationWeek blog post, “Top 5 Things About Windows Vista That Still Suck,” here:

    lists the following items as things that are still issues, or need to be fixed.
    5)Applications “Not Responding”
    4)Annoying “User Account Control” Messages
    3)Messy Windows Update Installs
    2)Poor Performance From Internet Explorer 7
    1)Too Much Memory Needed To Run Vista Decently

    What do people think of these items; accurate or not? And what issues do you see with Vista? Thanks

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      by p.j.hutchison ·

      In reply to Things About Vista That Still Suck

      5. You need a faster PC to run Vista smoothly
      4. Can be turned off, but I have got used to it now.
      3. I found the Vista’s Windows updates is better than XP.
      2. IE 7 is slower than other browsers, so that nothing new.
      1. Yes, 1GB at least, 2GB preferable.

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        Use a Mac

        by keydesignz ·

        In reply to Performance

        Or you could get rid of Microcrap altogether and use a Mac.
        Vista is crap – full stop.

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          Why is it then…

          by ishron ·

          In reply to Use a Mac

          I travel a lot. Spend way too much time on airplanes. So sad for me.

          Anyway, this does give me a lot of time to look around at what others are doing with their laptops. I see more MacBooks running Vista than I do OSX. Not that I am a fan but this speaks volumes about what people are running when $$ is not an object. Yah, it may suck but it sucks less than other stuff.

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