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"Things are not getting better, they are getting worse at a slower rate"

By Dr Dij ·
Ignore the dorkwad at top who suggests we spend more money we don't have.

look at the last two paragraphs in middle of page before 'Western Europe'

Job loss has slowed but we are still losing jobs. Somehow press interprets this as 'getting better'. If a patient is hemorrhaging at 10 pints a minute then slows to 6 that is not 'getting better'. When he stops bleeding he is getting better.

(this link is page 2 of the article, prognosis for United States)

I just want to club on the head the apologists for huge govt overspending and 'stimulus'.

since the govt takes 2x the money to create a job this simply puts us more in debt.

Remember: PO'd people change things!

If we simply did what canada did and stop states from going into long term debt, and stop the federal govt from both believing in the 'Magical Mystical Money Fairy' who produces $100 billion for any cause, no matter how stupid (or even good but unaffordable).

Maybe if I invent 'Virtual Vomit' (I guess that would be VV if you are texting?) I can barf across the internet onto Washington and onto all those piggies saying 'we have to spend money on my cause' or bail me out or bail my company out.

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The government's economic stimulus...

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to "Things are not getting b ...

...seems to be working a lot like stimulating someone's blood clotting (going with your 'bleed out' theme) by giving them cumatin.

"Hey, we're working through the impediments, and getting the platelets to the wound faster".

Or maybe a better analogy is solving the blood loss problem by transfusing blood you know to be infected by HIV?? Moment of cure for a lifetime of ailment and all that.

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Not even a "Moment of cure"

by jdclyde In reply to The government's economic ...

but The Obama is definitely giving us the lifetime of ailment.

Bet it is hard for anyone who is intellectually honest to still be an Obama supporter. Voters regret has GOT to be setting in fast.

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Those that would defend...

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Not even a "Moment of cur ...

...would probably state that it has been a half-year into his presidency, and thus, more time is needed.

I'd point out that it is 12.5% of his stated tenure. That is NOT an insignificant percentage (if someone would argue that it is insignificant, I would gladly accept 12.5% of their salary as a donation to the ChiGuy Fun Fund---someone else's money is a wonderful thing to waste). Factor in the re-election campaign on the tail end of the first four year term, and you're looking at a good chunk of his 'effective presidency' already completed.

Like The Who sang: "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss".

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Let the excuses start

by jdclyde In reply to Those that would defend.. ...

TheObama claimed that if he were allowed to spend more than every president combined, he could save us all and keep unemployment at 8%. Now in double digits, where are we now and what direction are we going?

That is what happens when they spend a stimulus package that is not designed to stimulate anything.

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by TonytheTiger In reply to Let the excuses start

That is what happens when they spend a stimulus package that is not designed to stimulate anything.

Anything other than his ego....

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Much as I like to see praise of Canada....

by JamesRL In reply to "Things are not getting b ...

...understand the conditions were a little different.

We were tied to the Obama automobile bailout. We make 20% of the vehicles of the domestic 3, and to make sure we didn't have all of our jobs move south, we had to step up with a proportional amount of aid. The conservative government held its nose and did it. The province of Ontario gave its share as well as part of the 20%, as the vast majority of auto jobs are here.

There isn't a law in Canada about long term debt, we've just been working away at it for a while - since the mid 90s. Alberta doesn't have an issue because of oil revenues, Ontario will be going into debt for the first time in years.

But the difference is that we didn't have to bail out financial instituions. While the auto bailouts were big, they pail in comparison to what the finanicial sector got. Canada was spared most of that. A few of our banks lost some money on US mortagage derivative investments but not enough to threaten their existence. Some of our banks even made a profit last quarter.

Our Federal government went into debt, and it will take us an estimated 5 years to balance the budget again. Thats not great, but I'd be interested to see an estimate of when the US government could balance the budget with their drunken sailor like money flinging.


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Not with this administration

by jdclyde In reply to Much as I like to see pra ...

The Obama, when all is said and done, has shown he doesn't care how much things cost or who he has to tax or fine to raise money.

Typical of someone who has never done anything in his life that requires the running of a business and balancing a budget.

Borrow and print some more.

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Dreams of granduer

by TonytheTiger In reply to Not with this administrat ...

Not unlike Kim Jong-il or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and every bit as dangerous.

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as dangerous?

by jck In reply to Dreams of granduer

I don't see Obama allowing the torture and killing of his own citizens for speaking out against him.

Kim and Ahmadinejad both have done that.

Obama isn't turning a blind eye to Afghanistan's use of their government assets to transport nuclear bomb-making materials for a known rogue supplier (i.e.- A.Q. Khan, who supplied Iran and North Korea with most of their centrifuges) just to suck butt.

And unlike some other presidents, he has denounced the use of torture against foreign prisoners.

Better watch what you wish for.

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There are more dangerous things

by TonytheTiger In reply to as dangerous?

than torture, or some blown up buildings, or even a decimated city... too bad your chosen ignorance blinds you.

Better watch what you wish for.

Applies to you FAR more than to me.

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