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Things I should look for in a new job

By harkzack ·
So I currently work in a help desk environment as a contractor. Currently I?m working on my A+ cert and have a BS degree but my only real work experience is this job in help desk. I would like to move towards a Sys Admin position as my end goal but I?m curious as to what some good jobs I could be looking for in the interim. I plan on going after my Net+ and then my MSCE after I finish my A+ and am just curious what should I be looking for in a job that would help me move words my goal.

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i'd say

by jck In reply to Things I should look for ...

make friends with head PC support or Server support supervisor. See if you can't get an in with them.

BTW, hope the job market is as good as it looks on Monster and other places. Winston-Salem is one of the places I'm considering moving as soon as my house sells. I Love NC.

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by ---TK--- In reply to i'd say

No kidding... NC is really nice! My Girlfriend talked me into moving down there when her current contract is up... more near the Ashville area though. I guess I would be considered a "damn Yankee" lol... o well...

I would also add to send out your resume to as many employers as possible... the worst they can say is no. At least thats what I did, took a while to get a job, but it worked for me. Good luck!

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Nothing wrong with that

by NickNielsen In reply to LOL....

I'm not only a Damnyankee, I'm a damn proud damnyankee.

But you'll need to remember that damnyankee is all one word.

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At this stage of your career

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Things I should look for ...

you should be looking for roles that will let you apply what you know, and learn more to apply more.
Money, cute receptionists, location, big name. All secondary, you are building your resume for the future, the role has got to give you something useful to write in the current employment section.

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