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Things seem to be

By zlitocook ·
Slowing down here. I see less new members and the people who are here do not post, ask questions or Blog. I belong to three other sites and they seem to get more posters and questions then we do!
I have been poking around and we have great down loads and answers to go to. But alot of the TR is negative to new people.
You need to register and then you can not read any thing until you reply. You need points to ask a question.
And answers to questions are no help because you have to be a tech to understand them ,and most simple questions are not answered.
We have become a post or blog board and not a tech resource.
I have been around for along time and have seen the changes.

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I have to agree

by mjd420nova In reply to Things seem to be

I think the points thing is holding alot of people back from utilizing what I feel is a valuable site. Yes, many discussions get side-tracked and hijacked, but you'll find that at most any site. Chat rooms are even worse, most never adhere to any topic.

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exactly right

by Black Panther In reply to Things seem to be

I think TR is more of an information storage site and discussion site rather than a Technical Help Site.

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What should we change?

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Things seem to be

Do a lot of people think we've skewed too far towards community, and too far away from articles and downloads?

Is having community the problem, or should we make more of an effort to moderate the discussions and keep them on-topic?

What should we be pumping more resources into?

The future of TR is being written right now, so if you've got something you want to say, now is the time.

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points to ask a question

by john.a.wills In reply to Things seem to be

You get points for joining, so anyone can ask a question right away. And I had not noticed easy questions going unanswered - I myself answer questions I find easy, not being a snob. I do fear that some of my own questions are going unanswered (including one at 2000 points), but I doubt that easiness is the reason.

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