Think client like behavior on W2k3

By StealthWiFi ·
Hey all,

Any one know if Server 2003 has the built in capability to do the following:

-Install a program in the server (say word 2003)
-On the users Desktop (full desktop running XP Pro) create a link to Word on the server so they click on the link on their desktop and it runs word from the server but is used on their PC (like in a thin client enviroment)

Does Windows have this built in without having to create a terminal services connection and log into the server, I just want a word icon on the users desktop and it runs word off the server onto their desktop so they can use it.

If windows doesn't have this built in any good (preferably free) programs out their to acchive it?


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thanks but no thanks

by StealthWiFi In reply to ...

Word was the example, if i can do it with word I presume it would work with other programs (like Quickbooks or anything else)

Thanks anyway.

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Other Programs, maybe....

by bens In reply to Think client like behavio ...

Don't think that will work with MS Word...The only plausible way would be by sharing that installed directory - then mapping a network drive to it from the desktop. Create a shortcut to the application in the mapped drive. Long shot for that to work with Word though. An RDP shortcut would be the way to go with terminal services.

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I see what your saying

by StealthWiFi In reply to Other Programs, maybe....

Thanks for the tip, the actuall software I am trying to get this to work with is not supported for a direct server install so I was hoping for some sort of built in emulation that would allow thin client like behavior.

What do you mean by an RDP shortcut? I do not want the users to have to log into Remote Desktop and then use the program over a remote desktop interface.

At one skool I worked at briefly they had desktops setup so hte programs were actaully installed and run on the server but rather than use Remote Desktop there was just an icon for each program on your desktop and you ran it and were none the wiser it was not installed localy. I wish i would have asked how they did that while I was there.


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Citrix / Terminal Services?

by bens In reply to I see what your saying

That RDP shortcut I was referring to would be the same thing you don't want. Could what you saw in a school be a Citrix environment? I'm not aware of any emulation software to do that kind of thing, publishing apps across the network as shortcuts on the client PC. That isn't to say it is completely impossible mind you.

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