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    Think Twice Before Getting EPOS GSP headsets.

    by imbader ·

    Since their launch day in 2019, I pre-ordered my first GSP 670.
    Reason behind choosing Sennheiser and not any other company was simple because it’s a high-end product with high-end customer experience.
    I enjoyed the product for about 3 months until the GSP showed it other bad side.
    before going to the bad side, I’ll be mentioning first the pros as there aren’t much to say.
    – Good Quality Build (Housing – Design – Comfort).
    and that’s it for the pros, now let’s move on.
    The First issue I had with the Sennheiser was Mic crackling sound, whenever I have had turned off my mic (by physically twisting the mic) it does the noise and noise could be picked up in discord or other software’s that uses your mic.
    – I’ve done what a normal consumer would do by, reaching to Sennheiser
    – their response was pretty much helpful yet expensive. as I they asked me to ship it back to get a replacement (shipping costed me around $100 – Germany)
    Now I got the replacement within 5 days which was the EPOS edition by time.
    they call it now GSP 670 | EPOS
    Build quality the same everything the same go read about EPOS if interested.
    but it’s the same product.
    – First issue occurred in 2020 where the Microphone won’t shut or mute (by physically twisting the arm). No matter what I do it won’t mute everyone can hear you and the mic stays on until I mute in the software/ i.e.. discord mute button.
    – EPOS was shocked by this issue as it might never happened before, I was okay yeah It could be happening the third time is a charm. EPOS responded with Keep the faulty headset and we will be sending our latest version to you free of charge. GREAT? eh?
    In December 2020 right before the pandemic and all the covid ****.
    Received the package straight from Germany EPOS HQ – with a case ID number PRINT inside (ob. this product paid off from their finance department and not because I have a warranty).
    – The product was amazing and I can say this was the best experience I’ve had with the GSP 670 ever. Everything was running fine and smoothly all the bugs and issues I’ve had before are gone. after using it for exactly 4 months since Jan 2021. In May everything collapsed Multiple issues I will be listing them down below.
    – Battery Draining So quick (usable for 5-7 hours max)
    – GSP 670 is not detected by their (TRASH software)
    – used it on cable not wirelessly because the GSA-Dongle stopped working.
    In conclusion after 2 years of using this product I can say this is:
    – GSP 670 Is a g

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