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Thinking about playing with Linux

By GSG ·
OK, first, the rules are NO BASHING of any OS, whether it be a flavor of Linux, Windows, etc...! I want some constructive opinions regarding the flavors of Linux.

I have an older workstation that I rarely use. I really don't want to upgrade it to Windows 7, and I hate to see it just sitting there, so I've been thinking about seeing if I could load Linux on it.

We have Linux servers at work, but no workstations, so I have zero experience.

The question is, what flavor of Linux would you recommend for a newbie who's thinking about dipping her toes in the Linux pool?

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I've fiddled in

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Thinking about playing wi ...

Fedora, Mint, Ubuntu. Loaded them on an old lappie (came with WinMe), and loaded Ubuntu on a desktop that I've only recently stopped using.

All three loaded easily, found and made functional all hardware but the dialup (Winmodem).
Fedora and the sound system never got along, but that's about the only problem I had with it.
Mint is still on the lappie, and Ubuntu on the desktop. Video probs, there, need to rebuild. Will probably put it back on there, along with WinXP.

Of the three, I prefer Ubuntu as I found it easiest to manoeuver.


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Flavor of linux to try

by wookieshaver In reply to Thinking about playing wi ...

No bashing of course, heh. I have installed and ran a number of distrubutions of Linux and I keep coming back to Ubuntu. There are a number of them out there but for sheer fun and ease of use into the Linux pool, I do recommend Ubuntu. If you want a more media player, movie player, and mp3 friendly out of box experience I recommend Mint Linux (which is itself an expanded offshoot of Ubuntu). That said, welcome to the land o linux! I think you will like exploring it just as much as I have.

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Not into the media stuff

by GSG In reply to Flavor of linux to try

Sure, I rip the occasional CD if I can't get it from amazon as an mp3, but other than that, I'm not into the media stuff.

The biggest question I have is, what DOES it take to shave a wookie? I mean, do they hold still for the shaving, or do you have to dart them? And, what do you do with all of the hair?

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Last I heard

by seanferd In reply to Not into the media stuff

They have shaving parties before big swimming competitions.

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Shaving a wookie

by wookieshaver In reply to Not into the media stuff

A few Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters and they sleep nicely through throught the whole thing.

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Mixed universes!

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Shaving a wookie

"Introducting a 'Hitchhiker' drink into the 'Star Wars' mythos.

15 yards, yellow card, pit road 'stop and go', 5 minutes in the penalty box, and the opposing team is allowed two free throws and a penalty kick. The league office will issue a statement Tuesday regarding additional penalties and a possible suspension

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If he's recently consumed one..

by Neon Samurai In reply to Mixed universes!

.. how is he to be held responsible for seeing through time and space resulting in a confusion of realities?

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No excuse.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to If he's recently consumed ...

It's like DUI. If he's had a PGGB, he's responsible for his misactions!

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Someone may have

by seanferd In reply to No excuse.

switched on the Improbability Drive, and wookieshaver isn't in the shielded part of the ship.

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Yellow card?

by wookieshaver In reply to Mixed universes!

That must be some reference to this "sports" humans speak of so often. Hmmm, must take notes for the guide. Arguing the whole multiverse sort of mish-mash thingy, star wars and hhgttg universes' need not be exclusive with proper transport and a very big therapy bill to handle the after effects.

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