Thinking of getting a blue-tooth keyboard/mouse, is there a security issue?

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Howdy guys,

As in title I'm thinking of getting a blue-tooth mouse/keyboard set, like the mx5500 and was just wondering whether there were potentially any security concerns. I was thinking that even if someone could crack the blue-tooth signal and pickup what keys were being entered, it would only appear as a random set of keys which wouldn't give them passwords, until they started seeing the same words appear (like my name) and recognisable things like @hotmail and @yahoo for my passwords. Is there anyway to encrypt the signals the keyboard is sending to the computer or is it already safe?


P.S I have a limited knowledge (as well as a limited desire to understand) of how blue-tooth works (as it just a means to an end), hence asking you knowledgeable gurus!

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It will be fine to get a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse..

They are secure on these devices because they are only positioning devices, they are not like the Bluetooth that you might have on your phone. So get them and enjoy. Here are a few to look at:

Logitech diNOVO Edge keyboard:,EN

Logitech Mx Revolution mouse:,EN

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
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I'm not so sure that it is Secure

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thinking of getting a blu ...

As you will be incorporating a Bluetooth Transceiver directly in the Computer and with this turned on it would allow unlimited Access to the Data on the HDD.

Depending on if you are on any kind of LAN and have things shared and what the Software for these devices actually enables. Keystrokes are not the issue here as they will not be overly important but depending on what the Bluetooth Transceiver actually does and what the Software enables there could be a problem.

Of course the other thing is that anyone within range could read your Keystrokes but more importantly any Bluetooth devices within range may affect your Bluetooth connection and cause error in Keystrokes Mouse Movements. Just as your will affect others within range.

Bluetooth was designed to be an Open Communication Protocol and has no security built in.


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