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B.O.B. and his humble beginnings.

by HiwayPilot In reply to Thinking out loud

I have laid out the initial skeleton of the system using PHP, MySQL and a web server. (actually Apache running on first a Linux box then on an XP box.) The main reason for two OS's is to maintain cross-platform capability. PHP acts very different on different platforms so as a precaution I am simultaniously developing on both. <br /><br />I learned the need for this type of planning from a previous project. I had originally created a Service Department records system using an MS Access 97 database.  Later when I needed to expand capabilities and increase users I had a seriously difficult time porting to Linux. Many say that was just poor planning, but that database was not originally intended to become one of the company's core data reporting systems. It just kinda happened. <br /><br />Lesson learned... Don't just plan big, plan huge!<br />

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But wait... there's more!

by HiwayPilot In reply to Thinking out loud

<p>I guess I will have to add yet another project to the mix.</p>
<p>An associate has drafted me to create some middleware for his new accounting suite (third party web service app) that will help him tie it to an in-house inventory database. He also wants me to port my touch-panel time clock software to blend into this mix as well. </p>
<p>I'm half tempted to call this the F-me project for obvious reasons.</p>
<p>Well, got alot on the plate so I better get serious and get to work.</p>
<p> </p>

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